6th week of teaching at Koropa

Dear friends and family,

Well, this time it was a big deal just getting there :). Firstly, I forgot to take my phone. The phone is important because it is the only way I can let Wendy know I arrived safely. So I picked Heti up at Katagu then came back for the phone then went out through Goroka ( a much better road). Then it was pouring rain so on the road up to Koropa we had to be in four wheel drive.

We arrived to find the village deserted. They came back late at night then left again before we were out of bed. Apparently there was a fight in the village across the river and they left again in the morning to settle things. They came back for the lesson which was a review of all that we had taught so far. Just as well because there were a lot of new faces and some of our regulars were not there. My biggest surprise was the old man, Papaso (picture at right). He has been confused about his whereabouts and often asked me for a lift home when he was already at home. But that morning he was clear and gave clear answers to questions. He had been a pastor of one of the “churches” here and he told Heti that in the preaching in the church it had not been clear to him what it was all about. Now it was becoming clear.

That night we taught on the tower of Babel and next morning we started on Abraham. Papaso was there again and gave a lot of feedback indicating that he was clearly understanding what was being taught. Please pray for him that he will hang in there to the end and hear what Jesus did for us on the cross. This was not clearly taught in his church.

With love from

David and Wendy