Dear all,

I went up on my own again this week as Heti was involved in enrolling students for the teachers’ college. Heti had committed himself to working with them some time ago so he needs to be faithful to that commitment. And sometimes the Lord needs to stretch us a bit. It has been good for me to have the teaching on my own these last few days. I had a good stretch :).

Tuesday night I taught about Cain’s offering and killing of Abel, in the dark. It was okay with the light except that I couldn’t see who I was talking to. Next morning we got as far as Noah. I have been getting good feedback indicating clear understanding of what is being taught. Wednesday night I didn’t get through the lesson before it started raining so there was a mad scramble to get all the pictures down before they got wet. Well, they did get wet but we hung them back up next morning and they got dry. I included the last part of the last lesson in the next morning’s lesson. That lesson was on the flood and there was some ‘wow!’s when they realized just how big Noah’s ark was. I brought out the point that Noah only built one door for them to enter the ark and in the same way God has only opened one road for us to come to Him.

Caleb, the man who came from the village across the river and talked to Heti after the first lesson, has been coming on and off sometimes arriving at the end of the lesson. I guess it is some distance away and he has to cross the river so it is hard for him to always get there. His picture is at right. Please pray for him that he will get enough of the teaching to whet his appetite and get his village interested in hearing the teaching.

With love from

David and Wendy