Greetings from Steve and Sandy Aholt,

Thank you for your prayers and sacrificial giving for our ministry. We are able to assist the people of Papua New Guinea, and our field team, with the work that we are doing in the Papua New Guinea Pidgin language. We continue in the translation and editing of books for the use of witnessing and in the discipleship of new believers.

The Story of Hope is our new assignment that we just received. It is a serious study of the Bible from beginning to end in 40 beautifully illustrated lessons. There are eight essential truths that emerge out of the Bible’s Story of Hope: God, Man, Sin, Death, Christ, Cross, Faith, and Life. This book is a vital tool in helping the people of Papua New Guinea discover the provisions in God’s plan.

If you are serious about your study of the Bible or you have a desire to lead a Bible study with a friend or group of people, then this 40 page paperback is the material that you have been looking for. This book is available in English and many other different languages, and it is being used around the world to reach people for Christ and to disciple new believers.

We were able to assist in the repacking of 7000 pounds of carrots and sweet potatoes at Harvesters here in Kansas City. They provide food for the needy here in this area. (See our web page for photos)

God has directed several couples into our lives who are going through trials in their marriages. As Sandy said, “We have been married for over 42 years, so we do know about how a marriage should work.” Praise the Lord that we have seen God at work resolving conflicts and bringing restoration into marriages. Please pray as we continue to work with other couples – some of them with hardened hearts – that they would not forget what they have learned, get back to the basics, and desire to restore God’s beautiful picture of marriage in their lives.

Thank you for your prayers for our health. Steve is healing well from his sixth surgery for tenosynovitis, or the swelling of tendons. His most recent surgery is directly below his right thumb at the wrist. There are little pulleys that the tendons slide through to keep the tendon close to the bones. The doctor says that it is like parts wearing out on a car. We are thankful that this can be repaired and back to use without the persistent pain.

Sandy is in need of some dental work. We hear about the infrastructure of bridges in the USA that are in need of replacement. Well this is a similar scenario for her. Thank you for your prayers for her.

We both attend aqua fitness classes three times each week. This is helping us to keep our bodies strong for the work that God has for us to do. Some older missionaries told us in a missionary conference one time that if they knew that they were going to live for so long that they would have taken better care of themselves. Well, we learned from that advice and decided that we would do our part to stay fit until the Lord returns. The Bible says that our days are numbered. Today marks the 23,507th day of Steve’s life – 22,065 for Sandy!

We have family members in need of prayer for the following:

Healing from pneumonia, chronic kidney failure stage 3, arthroscopic knee surgery, spinal stenosis needing surgery, biopsy for cancer check, and healing from foot surgery. Thank you for your prayers for these health needs.

Listening for the trump and praying,

Steve and Sandy Aholt