Pacific Mission Aviation (PMA) is a non-profit organization based in Guam, USA, with ministries in Micronesia and the Philippines. PMA was founded in 1973 to provide a means for people in remote areas to get the medical attention they need and also the Spiritual attention they need. As a result PMA has grown into a multifaceted humanitarian mission that has the common purpose of helping the people in the islands. Here are a few of the main areas.

CHURCHES: PMA’s vision is to KNOW CHRIST AND TO MAKE HIM KNOWN. Planting Churches that give good Biblical teaching to the people is a major goal PMA has for the islands.

AVIATION: A fast and long reaching tool which transports people and cargo, carries the sick to where they can get better medical care, drops medicine to remote areas, and also for search and rescue.

MEDICAL SHIP: The Sea Haven reaches the many isolated islands of Micronesia with medical aid, educational supplies and other humanitarian items that are donated each year. It also carries a medical team which treats hundreds of patients along the way mostly with eye surgeries, and dental work.

NATION-BUILDING: PMA considers this to be an important part of its vision and has established several community improvements such as an orphanage, print shop, a Christian radio station, and even helped start a maritime academy.