After us serving for 20 years on the field of Papua New Guinea in Missionary Aviation, God has redirected our path through some personal physical afflictions.

Steve’s passion has always been to provide quality Bible teaching material, in the native Pidgin language. He was able to do this on a small scale while on the foreign field. Now he is able to work full-time doing translation and editing work from our house here in Raytown, MO. The result of this work provides quality in-depth evangelism and discipleship material for use by our ABWE Papua New Guinea field council members and our national brothers and sisters in Christ.

Steve is also editing the English source material (the material used in the translation work mentioned above) that is presently being used to train church workers and missionaries around the world.

Both Sandy and Steve are in contact daily counseling, encouraging, and mentoring national Christians who live and work in Papua New Guinea. The internet is a valuable tool in this part of our work.

We both are able to assist in the rescue of individuals from human trafficking, and in the rehabilitation efforts of those rescued from its deadly grip.