Dear friends and family,

Tuesday night we taught lesson 1 about God’s word. I (David) started by going through the chart (picture above) and pointing out the different people whom God used to write His word. One man didn’t just sit down and write it. It covered a long period of time.


Heti took over and taught on how important God’s word was for us to listen to and obey. Heti is a good teacher, he did very well. After the lesson a man from the village across the river spent a long time talking to Heti. Heti explained to me later what he was saying. He said that they were confused as to what Wendy and I were doing up at Koropa. Our family there knew because they had worked with us on language learning and Bible translation. But his village, being at a distance, didn’t see this. He said that they talked about this because there had to be a reason for us going up there.

They came to the conclusion that we were getting things out of the ground and the river. If you know anything about the cargo cult you will know what I am talking about. We did it magically of course. Basically we were stealing from them and not sharing this stuff with them. He was very surprised when he heard the lesson and realized why we were there. He said, “I am going back to the village and getting them to come and apologize to Yatamabo” (David’s village name). He came again the next afternoon but didn’t bring anyone with him (they were probably ashamed to admit that they were wrong about us). We taught four lessons in three days and there was a lot of interest in hearing more. Only 50 more lessons to go in the 1st phase. Hopefully we will finish by about May.

Please pray for Heti and David and their families being separated for three days a week. Heti’s son is intellectually challenged and when his mother chastised his sister he grabbed a machete and cut her with it. I had to patch her up before going up to Koropa. It was difficult for him to leave her so we need to be praying for this family.

With love from

David and Wendy