Dear family and friends, 

Prayer raised the dead, parted the Red Sea, caused the sun to stand still, overthrew armies and healed the sick, brought fire from the sky on Elijah’s sacrifice, brought water from the rock and bread from heaven, has paved the way for the conversion of millions of people. God uses the prayers of His people to accomplish His purposes on earth. (From Pathways of Prayer by Dr. David Jeremiah)

We have some needs we would like to mention and humbly ask that you please bring these before the Throne of Grace.


1. NTM Homes maintenance team

The following is an announcement that was sent out to our community here at NTM Homes on January 23, 2018

At approximately 11:00 pm staff performed a routine security check in the Latham Center. It was noted that hallway lights were not working in the Independent Living North Wing. Upon investigation smoke was discovered in the attic. The fire alarm was manually activated and all residents were evacuated from the building. The Fire Department arrived and found that some of the attic insulation directly over the hallway was smoldering. We are waiting for a determination as to the cause of the smoldering insulation. We praise the Lord that this was not worse! There were no injuries. Today our maintenance team is working on replacing the damaged drywall, wiring and insulation. Thank you in advance for your continued prayer. Dan Thomas (Administrator NTM Homes)

 Our maintenance fellows have been working hard to make repairs. This includes some rewiring and plumbing, as well as fixing the hole in the ceiling that the firemen chopped to put out the smoldering insulation. It looks like things are pretty much back to normal (except for some painting of the newly repaired ceiling) We are so thankful that this was not a bigger event. Our assessment team is talking about things we learned through the incident and making some minor changes to how to handle these types of situations.

2. Time management and setting of priorities

We want our lives to be in line with the Lord’s will. This means balancing time with the Lord, work, home, family, financial and prayer supporters, churches activities, and relaxation. We need wisdom from the Lord as well as personal discipline to accomplish His will.

3. Staffing needs

At a recent staff meeting we were asked to pray for additional staff needed here at NTM Homes. This includes a mechanic, general maintenance, cook, nurse (RN), personal care, grounds manager, grounds maintenance, IT Technician, and housekeepers. Please pray specifically for two ladies who are willing to work 20 hours each week in the housekeeping department. These folks must be Ethnos 360 members. In the meantime God has supplied some help from short term volunteers. 

4. The Nahuatl (Na watt) People

The following was gleaned from newsletters sent out by the missionary team there in Mexico.

The recent translation check went really well. There are now 500 more verses ready to print for the Nahuatl people. Praise God!! The next few lessons are key ones for the Gospel. This afternoon (Thursday) Pete will be teaching about the time on the Mount of Olives and the betrayal. On Tuesday, the lesson is the crucifixion, and on Thursday, the Resurrection! The last few weeks there have been a lot of interruptions in the teaching/people’s lives – school meetings scheduled during the teaching, extra work for the moms of school-age children, rain, etc. that have brought attendance even lower. Please pray with us that God would remove any excuses from not attending these key lessons and that those who have been attending would come and listen. Please pray that God would do His work of salvation in the lives of those hearing. Also, please pray with us as we are approaching the transition between evangelistic teaching and meeting together as a church, the body of Christ here in Las Moras.

Thanks for your prayers on our behalf. As stated above “God uses the prayers of His people to accomplish His purposes.”

By His grace,

Wanda (and Brad) Hull