Just 6-1/2 weeks

Greetings all,

We trust that the New Year has gotten off to a good start for each of you. Our month started off very cold with subzero weather and then a blizzard last week but we have since enjoyed some more mild weather for January.

Our Wana co-workers and the school kids all returned back to the provincial capital a couple of weeks ago from Christmas break. We are thankful for safety as they made their way over rough roads and the rapids on the river. A highlight of this trip was another Baptismal service in the village of Padalempe which is just down the valley from the village where we call home. Esron and Nita Panius, our co-workers, are from this village and were privileged to be able to spend Christmas with their family and friends there. Their youngest daughter, Mia, asked to be baptized so she along with 12 others were baptized in the beautiful river which runs through their village. Our Wana churches have the same kinds of challenges that our churches in the States encounter but it is neat to see how the Lord continues to build his church in spite of the enemy’s efforts to thwart what the Lord is doing.

It is hard to believe, but it is just a little over six weeks before I will be departing back for Asia Pacific. I just sent my visa permit application in this past week. It should arrive the consulate on Monday. We will appreciate your prayers that the visa would come through with no problems and the passport returned safely back. We would also appreciate your prayers for the finances that we are still trusting the Lord for this trip.

Thank you so much for being a part of our team – you are so much appreciated!


Ed n Jeanne Casteel

Mia being baptized by her Dad and Pastor from their home village. This pastor, on the right, is affectionately called “baldy” as he is one of a very few Wana people who is bald – so he like me always has a hat on while out in the hot sun 🙂

 Esron navigating the rough, muddy, trail in Wana land. True motor cross country that is for sure – but not by choice.

Ed Casteel

Church Planting Asia Pacific