Happy New Year to all!

Jason has asked me (Sarah) write the update this month so I can share with you about the family and some of my ministries. I thought I would take you through a typical week for our family.



Sundays we get to host our church (SOMA) in our home. It starts at 5:00PM with a potluck meal and usually goes for 4 to 5 hours (sometimes longer). A number of IBC students attend but we also have several families with young children. We can get pretty packed in during these winter months (summertime we can meet outside) but there is good teaching, food, and fellowship and we have a good time.

Our Week really gets busy on Tuesday. Tuesdays we have our Homeschool Community Day where they get to catch up with their friends and appreciate someone else teaching the material that we’ll be working on the rest of the week. This year we began doing Classical Conversations and I direct the Tuesday community and tutor five students. It has been a challenge for me, but we love Classical Conversations and the community is really enjoyable.

Wednesday and Thursday are school days. Abby (11) enjoys writing and reading in school, and is very good at math and science too. She is also at that lovely transition age where playing with toys is slowly being edged out by reading books and fashion. She loves to do art and sew. Lizzy (9) has improved in her reading as well, but isn’t as interested in school as some of the others. She loves animals and has a quiet spirit. Angie (8) excels at everything she does; however, getting her to sit still and listen is always a challenge. She is funny and playful and enjoys dolls, and craft projects. David (6) is constantly moving. School is okay but he would much rather play and fight imaginary bad guys. This fall was exciting as he was baptized with several others from our church. He really loves the Lord and is working hard at learning to be a good brother.

Every other Wednesday evening I get to lead a women’s bible study for our SOMA church. This has been a great time of fellowship and learning. We have studied about our identity in Christ and about growing in our Love and fellowship with the Lord.

Friday is our next busy day. Last semester I was able to lead a group of IBC students through our “Aftercare” program which is a follow-up to the Mending the Soul material we use for abuse recovery. Jason and I do a hand-off where he works at IBC in the morning thencomes home to watch the kids (and work from home) while I go to campus forministry. This semester I’ll be taking another group of students through Mending the Soul and training a senior student to facilitate her own group. This discipleship is my primary ministry with IBC and my calling is to help these women begin to heal. Almost 90% of the women that have come through IBC have a history of abuse in their past. It is shocking and sad, but it has been my pleasure to see a number of women find peace and healthy relationships from this process. Really, it takes so much more than a few hours on Friday, but God always helps me find the time students need from me.

One way you can be praying for my family is that we continue to balance family and ministry. Our busy schedule can feel exausting at times please pray that we use our down time to find true rest.

Thank you for your support of us and our ministry. It’s a delight to be a part of this with you.

Sarah, for the Koppens