Dear Friends,
Jan. 13, 2018
Thanks so much for your prayers for me! I most certainly have needed them this week! After many trials and tribulations and answers to prayer, we were able to see another 7 books completed in the Mengen language! The translation check went fairly smoothly and I will have to work out some bumps still, but all in all, it was good. My next translation check is due to start in February.

However, all of this work has taken a toll on my body and this week has been difficult with several different MS symptoms flaring up. At the moment the right side of my body is numb and my vision is pretty blurry. As you many recall, I had those same symptoms just over a year ago, so this is nothing new. However, it is a big warning sign for me to slow down and rest. So…for the next 2 weeks I’m going to try to stay off my computer and will be checking emails and Facebook on my little Kindle. For some reason that doesn’t seem to affect my eyes as much. I’ll also avoid TV and books any anything that will cause my optic nerves to be stressed.

I’m not sure what this means regarding my final translation check. I only have 4 books to go, but to get to the end still requires a tremendous amount of work. Please pray that the Lord would reveal His perfect plan to me and that I would be content in whatever He brings along my way!
It’s just another reminder that our lives are like a vapour and that we need to make each moment count, trusting the Lord in each step of the journey.

Thanks again for your faithful prayers.

Hi guys,
Jan. 15, 2018

I just want to give you a bit of an update on what’s been happening here the last week or so. You may have seen my prayer letter that I have had some various MS symptoms flare up and that has been very concerning to me. Thankfully today my mom was able to speak with my MS nurse in Canada as well as my neurologist’s office. I had given her a list of what was happening as well as questions to ask so they were very well informed on my situation.

Thankfully both medical facilities confirmed what I had already heard from my MS support group that steroid type medicine will do nothing for me right now. All I need is rest and time and everything should clear up fairly quickly. They believe that my sinus infection triggered the MS flare up, aggravating old lesions. It’s much how malaria acts, when it kicks in when you get run down etc. We believe that they are no new lesions happening as I have had no new symptoms, but it would take an MRI to confirm that. I have an MRI scheduled already for when I get home in a couple of months. My neurologist was not worried at all and not pushing for me to go home, so that’s a huge blessing. I had been worried about causing lasting damage for my eyes, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Anyways, the plan remains unchanged for the moment. 5 weeks from today I will be heading to Lapilo with my Mengen guys Lord willing. We will have a huge amount of work to get through, so pray that my eyes will really heal well in these weeks and that they would not be aggravated once I resume my computer work.

Thanks again for your prayers. So sorry that I haven’t personally replied to every email and message. I have appreciated hearing from each one of you. Thanks for being a blessing and encouragement to me.