Dear Team Members,
It is hard to believe that Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day is over, BUT that is not entirely true! Yes, Christ is the reason for Christmas, BUT Christ is the reason for EVERY DAY, and being THANKFUL is what we need to be EVERY DAY ALSO!!


We love this time of the year because we receive extra mail and hear from sooo many from around the world: the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England, Germany, Asia, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Italy, Colombia, Paraguay, Brazil, and we are sure we are missing other countries! We hear about difficult journeys for soooo many, BUT through those hard times we heard about the victories they had in Christ. We heard about translation being done and people hearing the Gospel for the first time, and many putting their faith in Jesus Christ as their Savior!!! Please continue to pray for Christians sharing their faith around the world, some of whom are horribly persecuted for their faith.

Many of our “Royal Volunteers” have arrived. How thankful we are for them giving of their time here at our retirement center, during the winter, doing ever so many needed jobs! The duplex we live in is the last one to be re-sided, and today that massive job started. As I type this we hear the hammers banging, banging, and banging as they are taking old siding off and hopefully not finding termites!! The men and even their wives faithfully help in so many ways. Please pray for safety as they work so hard!!

We would also appreciate your prayers for more fulltime staff here at NTM Homes.

Cherrie’s health is improving. Since her back surgery in August, she has continued having pain in her right side which her surgeon thinks is inflammation. Please pray for that pain to settle down! Her energy level is better. She does find it hard to pace herself doing too much and then is tired, BUT she is learning. She sees her oncologist on the 18th of this month and will have more blood tests. So far, her tumor markers are low for which we are thankful – they give an idea if the cancer is spreading. The Lord has brought other friends battling cancer into Cherrie’s life. I know she would appreciate your prayers as she reaches out to them.

We both keep active at church, and I help up at our assisted living building as receptionist when needed. Being a Notary Public, I help our retirees at times with needed paper work.

Cherrie and I are so thankful for the part you have in our lives. May God Encourage you as you journey through 2018!

Charlie & Cherrie

Cherrie’s Musings

During my lifetime and especially during my cancer journey, Music has played a BIG PART in ENCOURAGING MY HEART. As we enter 2018 I am reminded that “WITHOUT HIM HOW LOST I WOULD BE”

“Without Him” By Mylon Rae Lefevre

“With out Him I could do nothing. Without Him I’d surely Fail. Without Him I would be drifting, Like a ship without a sail.”

Chorus: “Oh Jesus, Do you know Him today? Please don’t turn Him away. Oh Jesus, my Jesus, Without Him how lost I would be. Without Him how lost I would be.”

“Without Him I would be dying. Without Him I’d be enslaved. Without Him life would be worthless. But with Jesus thank God I’m saved.”

Chorus: “Oh Jesus, Do you know Him today? Please don’t turn Him away. Oh Jesus, my Jesus, Without Him how lost I would be. Without Him how lost I would be.”