Dear Friends,

Happy New Year….and what a year it has been! I’m very happy to say that 2017 ended on a high note for me, as I was able to finish the Mengen New Testament on Dec. 31. Whew!! All that remains is for the final books to be checked by our mission consultants, which is still a big task, but I can safely say that we’re looking at a very happy new year indeed!! To God be the glory!!


I have a couple of BIG prayer requests for this week.

The translation consultant and his wife who are supposed to be coming to do my translation check are currently in their remote bush location. There is an issue with the airstrip that they use to get in and out, so the airstrip is closed and there are no planes are coming or going at this time. Since there is no other way for them to get out here to Hoskins, this is pretty serious. Pray that the people who are doing the airstrip maintenance would be able to get the grass cut so that planes will be able to land safely. Apparently their tractor for mowing the airstrip is broken, and when you are out in the middle of nowhere, getting things fixed is next to impossible. Looks like we need another miracle, since the consultant and his wife are supposed to be out here one week from today to begin my check.

Another request is in regard to my Mengen translation helpers. We are so happy to see so many of the Mengen men in full-time ministry. These guys are very, very busy. Many of them are Bible teachers and missionaries in our outreach locations. Some are involved in teaching literacy classes every day, so in one way or the other, each person who is on my list of helpers are very hindered from coming out to Hoskins for any length of time. Please pray that the guys in our village would be able to work it out for at least 2 guys to come. It is a big sacrifice for them personally as well as for the church, but it will be SO worth it in the end. This first translation check will only take them away from home about 12 days. However, the second check coming up in February will take them away nearly a month.

Thank you so much for your faithful prayers for me throughout these past 18 years of ministry in Papua New Guinea. I literally could not be here without your sacrificial financial gifts and for your constant prayer on my behalf. 2018 is filled with a lot of joy but also a lot of uncertainty for me. In April I will be leaving my ‘home’ and my ministry in Papua New Guinea and will be returning back to Canada again.

In May I’ll be having another MRI to see what is happening with my Multiple Sclerosis and also to think about the next step the Lord has for me. As it is pretty much impossible for me to get the MS medication while I’m in New Guinea, I will need to find another ministry closer to home. For the first several months, I will be formatting and spell-checking the Mengen New Testament. Then it gets sent off to the printers, so that’s really exciting. Not sure what the Lord has for me after that!

I would appreciate your continued prayers for me as I see the Mengen New Testament come to completion and start a new life in Canada or wherever the Lord takes me.

Thanks again.

Becky Preheim