Holiday Greetings from Steve and Sandy Aholt,

What does Christmas mean to us?

Christ is the meaning of everything that we think, say, and do! Without Him – we can do nothing, but all things are possible with God (Mark 14:36). It is possible to receive comfort in the death of our dearly loved sister in Christ, Priscila Taku – the wife of the pastor at Bundi, Matthew. Priscila is no longer suffering from her 10+ year bout with headaches. She is absent from the body and present with the Lord (2 Corinthians 5:8)! Matthew contacted us to help with the need of $650 to transport the body back to their village. Please help by praying or giving to meet this need?

Honor Him by obeying – even when it looks like things are falling apart – they’re falling into place? In the midst of the busyness of every, we are to be obedient in our witness for Christ. Let’s call him Connor. A young guy that Steve has been witnessing to about his need of salvation (who has never gone to church or read the Bible) has started reading the Gospel of John. Please pray that Connor will repent and believe the Gospel (Mark 1:15).

R stands for resistance in electricity, radius in mathematics, and the three “R’s” in basic studies. We need to remember that there will always be resistance in the radius of our outward witness for Christ with the basics of the Gospel that we have learned – Love; Sin; Death; Sacrifice; Forgiveness; Eternal Life (Romans 5:8-10). Sharing is caring!

In life, God is always opening and closing doors of opportunity for us. Choose to be lead of the Spirit, to live in the Spirit, and to walk in the Spirit (Galatians 5:18 and 25). We have been led by the Spirit through the door of ministry into our present work of translation and editing of the Bible and The Roots of Faith (Old and New Testament). This provides a way for the Pidgin speaking people of Papua New Guinea to teach the lost and then to teach new believers (Matthew 28:19-20).

Supporting us with your prayers and your finances is making you a part of our fruitful ministry for Christ. Please pray for Northside Baptist Church in Charlotte, NC. They are without a pastor and their missions giving has been suspended. Thank you for doing your part to bring glory to God.

The red and white Candy Cane, so familiar around Christmastime, is something that reminds us of Christ. The “J” shape reminds us of Jesus. The inverted “J” reminds us of the shepherd’s staff. The red and white remind us that our sins that were as scarlet are now white as snow (Isaiah 1:18).

This brings us back to JESUS the CHRIST of Christmas whose name is preached among all nations for the remission of sins. 

Listening for the trump and praying,

Steve and Sandy Aholt