Hi Everyone,

A couple weeks ago, a man named Iteve came to arrange accommodations for 20 men. They wanted to get away for some time in the Word and in preparation for their upcoming baptisms. I had the chance to speak to the group and was in total awe of God’s saving grace. Most of the men had been on drugs and alcohol before they heard the Creation to Christ Bible lessons. They were the kind of people no one expected to get saved. Obviously, God had other expectations. Iteve told the men that I had taught him Bible lessons when he was in 9th Grade and that was the year he was saved. He said “Jim was an example to me, and I’m glad I got involved in a ministry early in life. Now, you should follow my example.” (He’s now a grandfather).

This past Sunday, I was able to attend a combined meeting of about 11 outreach groups in the capital, Port Moresby. Group after group got up and shared reports, salvation testimonies and songs. These outreaches were conducted by members of the Southern Region Ministry group, using the Creation to Christ lesson books. The meeting was nearly 6 hours long; with many folks sitting on the ground under shade trees. Now that’s dedication.

We have reached a milestone in our ministry. Today, we celebrated our 48th anniversary of our arrival in Papua New Guinea. That is a story of God’s grace and sustaining power. We want to thank each of you who has prayed for us or supported us financially through the years. God bless you one and all.

Much love,

Jim & Kathy Tanner