Dear Team Members, 
Thanksgiving Day has gone by, BUT being THANKFUL for YOU is always foremost in our hearts and minds! We had a SPECIAL day with friends, and trust you had a SPECIAL DAY with family and or friends also!

In our last Update, we shared about our friends Bryan and Del Coupland and his book “Come Rest with Me” and his interview with Gracia Burnham. We have heard how that was a blessing to folk receiving our Updates, and want to share something else Bryan shared which brought tears of JOY to our hearts:

Finally, I wanted to share another great blessing so you can praise our Father with us. I have handed out 15 copies of my book Come Rest With Me, to various staff members of the medical staff in the oncology department here in Jackson. Between my treatment for Lymphoma, and Del’s uterine cancer, this department has almost become our ‘home away from home’ and we have made some unique friends among the doctors, nurses, and staff over three years. At an earlier appointment, one of the young med-techs (we’ll call her Ruth), asked if she could have a copy of my book, since she saw others reading it. Last Friday, she sat down next to us in the waiting room and said that she has been reading the book and looking up the Bible verses. Being unfamiliar with the Bible, it’s been difficult for her to understand, but she is so interested. Since she was in no hurry to leave, we took the time to explain the Gospel message and what was involved in personal salvation. Finally we were called into an exam room to wait for the doctor. Before he arrived, there was a tap on the door and another tech, Sue, who is a Christian, indicated that I should come with her. I went back to the lab and there were five staff members all with big grins on their faces, and Ruth with them obviously overjoyed. Sue said, “Ruth just received Christ as her Savior and all of us are believers in this room.” Wow! God certainly works in mysterious ways. So we had a short time of thanking the Lord and welcoming Ruth into God’s family. What a thrill and all praise belongs to our dear heavenly Father. With the mature Christian ladies in the group, I’m confident they will disciple Ruth.

YES, our hearts are FULL OF THANKFULNESS for all He allows us to go through, and know Bryan and Dell feel the same way. HOW THANKFUL we are for the FOLK HE has brought alongside us on own journey, and the SALVATION HE HAS for EACH OF US WHEN WE PUT OUR FAITH IN HIM AS OUR SAVIOR!


Charlie & Cherrie