Fall seems particularly hesitant to settle in this year. I am thankful to be riding the bike to work still, though the darkness may soon be more of a problem than the cold.

In October I enjoyed a couple of trips outside of Flagstaff, including a Saturday jaunt to Middle Verde, Arizona and the Yavapai-Apache Reservation to join other believers (including the vice-chairman of the tribe) in praying for the welfare of the Yavapai-Apache people. While I was in the area, I stopped off in Cottonwood to visit Don and Becky Daigle, pictured here. Don is Penobscot from Maine and a 1977 graduate of  Southwestern School of Missions (now Indian Bible College). He has been serving faithfully as a pastor of a Native church in Cottonwood, Arizona since 1983.

Term 3 begins on November 6. We will be privileged to host our fall conference, November 7-9. One of our speakers will be another graduate, this time from 1969. Allen Earley has an amazing story which you might want to investigate by following these links:



Allen’s life story is one of the most fascinating I’ve ever heard, ranging from finding Christ out of a life of violence and drunkenness to meeting Jimmy Carter. He is San Carlos, Apache. Both Don and Allen are struggling with serious health challenges.

On Friday, November 10 we will be celebrating our first 60th anniversary banquet in Flagstaff. Lord willing, there will be many more to follow in many other locations around the country.

Please join me in praying:

  • That God would provide a kidney for Allen Earley, in His time and in His will.
  • For a profitable, encouraging, anniversary banquet on the 10th.
  • For steadfastness, spiritual growth, and focus for the students as we embark on term 3.
  • For staff unity and a spirit of teamwork as we work together for the glory of God and the good of the students.
  • For wisdom for Wade Adakai and myself as we seek to revamp the life coaching program.
  • May we all stand mature and confident in all the will of God (see Col. 4:12).


Martha Gushee