Dear Team Members,

How we THANK the Lord for each of you and the bond we have in Him Smile

How THANKFUL we are for His Word that ALWAYS encourages our hearts!!!!

It is His Word that keeps us going! I would like to share a portion of an email we received from special friends, Bryan and Del Coupland, a while back. We first met Bryan and Del in August of 1969, in Durham Ontario Canada, when we started specialized missionary training to reach unreached ethnic people. Bryan has personally dealt with cancer, as well as Del recently. He wrote the book “Come Rest in Me”, which is such a blessing. Bryan has given us permission to share the following for which we can say a BIG AMEN!!!

In writing my book Come Rest with Me, I interviewed missionary Gracia Burnham, who along with her missionary-pilot husband, were held for a year by Abu Sayyaf guerrillas in the Philippines. Gracia’s husband, Martin, was killed in the midst of a gunfight between the G’s and the military. In response to my question, “What helped you the most when you found that you were ‘losing it’ spiritually, in order to enter back into God’s rest?” Gracia answered, “God’s Word is what helped us the most. Often when we were discouraged and we didn’t know how to encourage each other anymore because we had no more encouraging words, we would sit and quote verses to one another. Martin would even say, “Let’s sit here and remind ourselves of what is true.” And we would quote, “If God is for us, who can be against us?” “I have loved you with an everlasting love.” “You have been blessed with every spiritual blessing in the heavenlies.” At that particular time, we didn’t feel blessed. We didn’t feel loved. We didn’t feel that God was even necessarily for us. So we pushed our feelings aside and reminded ourselves, again, of what was true. “I have called you by My name—you are Mine.” “When you go through the floods, I will be with you.” We chose to believe that God’s Word is true and that it applied to us, even if we didn’t feel that way. The only thing that could comfort us in those times was God’s Word.” Del and I can say a hearty ‘Amen’ to Gracia’s comments, since verses like Isaiah 41:10 and 2 Chronicles 20:12-17 have been our rock at this time.

Please continue to pray for my friend Teresa who has stage four cancer. She is so THANKFUL for your prayers!

THANK you for your prayers for the ministry some of our retirees have at a detention center. More kids are coming out. Please pray for the Lord to work in the lives of the kids that come, and for the retirees working with them.

We would both appreciate your prayers as we interact with folk the Lord has had our paths cross in my own cancer journey. It blows our minds as now there are over 22 folk we know who have or have had cancer, plus others very unwell. Two have been ushered into the presence of the Lord. Charlie made the comment to me a while back it is a WIN WIN situation. If I get well, I WIN! If I go to be with the Lord I WIN Smile How THANKFUL we are for His Word that gives us that promise when our faith is in Jesus Christ as our Savior! THANKFUL I am doing quite well despite the inflammation that is basically in my whole body. Three years of surgeries and having an auto immune problem does not help. My back surgeon believes it partly due to the recent back surgery. I also believe it is a side effect of the cancer medication I am on for five years! Medications for inflammation cause my heart to race, so at present I am trying to alter my diet, deleting foods that cause inflammation. Please pray that will help and my energy level will increase! THANK YOU so much for your prayers!!!

Our Snow Birds, often called Royal Volunteers, are beginning to arrive to help us over the winter months. How we THANK THE LORD for these folk who are such a help to all of us here at our New Tribes Mission Homes (Retirement Center). Know these folk would appreciate your prayers for safety in all they do.

God Bless and Encourage you also,

Charlie & Cherrie

Cherrie’s Musings:

Years ago the following touched my heart and I wrote it in my Bible.


Thank you Lord for Christian friends whose path you’ve caused to meet with ours, and those who’ve paused to listen and advise, or only listen.
Thank you Lord for making our paths meet with theirs and for their laughter and their tears that glisten and surmise, or only glisten.
Thank you Lord the most for that one Friend that sticks so close to us and always picks our paths and Christian friends He knows we need.

Bill Harvey