Hallow Everyone,

Wendy here again, finally. I just wanted to write to let you know what a great time we had at our conference again this year. There were quite a lot of us here for it. David and I really enjoyed having some old friends stay here with us. They were working here when we were up here before, so it is always special to catch up with old friends, especially those who live in the bush so we don’t get see them often. All their children have grown up and are back in their parent’s home country, Canada, so are missed a lot by them. But it sure was good to get news of all their kids again.

Sad to say there was quite a bit of sickness shared during the conference too. I (Wendy) had been really ill with a stomach bug a bit more than a week before conference, for a week. I was quite pleased with myself that I was well enough to quickly get our home ready to share with our friends just a couple of days before they came. I managed to stay well during the conference so really enjoyed myself. But the afternoon the conference finished I went down with the bug again. There have been quite a few of us ill with this and it isn’t an easy one to get rid of, seems to hang around for about 3 weeks just waiting for you to overdo things so it can lay you low again. How glad I am for ginger, it sure does help to settle the stomach. We can buy it really easily and inexpensively here in the country. So we always have it on hand.

But the joy was getting with friends and learn how their work is going right now, that we haven’t been able to spend time with since last year’s conference. So many to catch up with. You can imagine the noise as we were all talking at once over meals etc. We ladies had fun the first day because we got to go into Goroka to have a meal out together. All 49 of us. Again much chatter and laughs as we relaxed together. A team had come over from USA to care for the children so the parents could be freed up for the meetings. It sure was good for the parents to be able to really relax knowing their children were having heaps of fun while they were.

David is out teaching again this morning again. But we start our break today, for the next 9 days. A lot of folk want to know where we are going for our break. Our base here is quiet enough that we are content to stay right here. It allows us to both enjoy our crafts for a change. David has his art supplies here, so that is easiest for him to work on what he wants to. And I have my craft supplies here too so can do what I want to. We do relax and watch some DVD’s together too.

Lots of love,
David and Wendy