Greetings all!

I just arrived back to town from being in the tribe for the past 3-½ weeks. I want to thank each of you very much for your prayers for me during this time. I also appreciate your prayers for Jeanne and for our parents as well. It was such a joy to be able to finally talk again with Jeanne as we took about an hour to just “catch up.”

One of our biggest projects on this trip was to check 720 Old Testament verses which coincide with our chronological teaching. We were able to complete this check on September 27. Besides this we were also able to do Bible teaching in the village of Padalempe where we did the check, hold a week long Bible conference with our church leaders, attend and speak at Kelvin’s memorial service (the little boy who died of an ocular tumor) in the village of Wo’o nTowu, and also make a consultant visit to the neighboring missionary team in the Saluan tribe.

Wow – what a packed full time but such a blessing to be here and involved in this great job! I will be spending time with our own missionary team along with some of the other missionaries here in town for the next six days before beginning my trip back to the USA. Both Jeanne and I will appreciate your continued prayers. We appreciate so much the great team we have standing behind us in every way.

Blessings to each of you!
Ed n Jeanne

Left to right – Our translation checker Bob Clark, Linda Rosengren, Wana translation helpers.

My job was to do the interpreting back and forth for our translation checker.

Yulin repeating back translation has just been read to them.

Our translation team. Back Row left to right: Ed, Steve, Linda, Front row left to right: Pa’a Isak, Yulin, Pa’a nCici, Pa’a Geli, Aripen.