Dear praying friends,

October already, and it has been awhile since I have written. Sorry! I don’t function as well when it is COLD, and we have had a L-O-N-G, cold winter.


Firstly, thank you for those who have prayed for Wendi…. She is STILL in Wewak, waiting for a “road” to get back to the village.

For me, I keep busy here, and when it didn’t work out to return to PNG this year, I was challenged to be involved in a trip to India to help at the Mukti Mission. Our church helps to support this work, which was founded in 1889, by Pandita Ramabai, hence it is known as Pandita Ramabai Mukti in India. Mukti is a Marathi word meaning freedom, liberation and wholeness. It is a Christian mission taking action to bring hope and a positive future to girls and women in India.

We fly out of Perth on the 21st of this month and will be gone for 3 ½ weeks. On the team is my friend, Lesley, with whom I walk most mornings. The next 19 days will be busy with projects (like working on the quilt for my granddaughter, Rhianah who weds in January), and other commitments in which I am involved week by week.

The family are all busy. Brad and Rachel’s youngest, Chelsea celebrated her 18th birthday in September, and came to stay with me for 2 weeks, while she was was doing 2 weeks of “prac” connected to her nursing studies. It has been a couple of busy months, helping friends and family celebrated “special” birthdays, 50th wedding anniversaries and engagement parties!!!

Do trust this short email finds you well and rejoicing in the Lord. I hope to have some lovely photos to share next time.