Dear Friends,

Thanks so much for your prayers! The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind to say the least but I am thankful to the Lord for His grace and sustaining strength.

In my last update I asked prayer for 4 Mengen ladies who would be coming to help me with Bible translation. However, the Lord had other plans and in the end, I had 4 helpers come out, but not the ones I expected. Praise the Lord for Anton and Masi, 2 young guys and also for Bruce and Apite, a married couple and their toddler who have spent the last 2 weeks here at Hoskins. They have worked beautifully together as a team in spite of the fact that none of them had helped me with translation in the past. I am so thankful to the Lord for the wisdom and clarity He has given these guys as we work together to make God’s Word clear and accurate in the Mengen language.

I am happy to report that we managed to work our way through BOTH Matthew and John. Both books were incredibly difficult and strained my brain to it’s limit, but I am thankful to have made huge strides in seeing these books come to completion. There are still several hoops to jump through, but I am feeling encouraged and thankful for what has already been accomplished.

Also, I am very thankful to report that in spite of long hours spent on the computer, I am feeling relatively well and healthy. I have had some vision issues mostly due to eye strain, but thankfully no headaches or any MS symptoms. I’m also feeling a little weary but not overly exhausted, so that’s a major answer to prayer.

This week on Friday, my helpers and I will be returning to Lele!!! For me it has been a year since my medevac out of the tribe and I am anxious to see my friends again and to continue on with my translation work. I’ll be in for 3 weeks and I know the days will be long. Plus no internet or email, so I’ll be going through withdrawals!! I appreciate your prayers for me, that I would be an encouragement to the Mengen believers, especially my friend and main translation helper Kariang. She is gong through some deep waters these days, so pray that the Lord would work in her heart and she would desire to walk closely with Him.

One of my missionary friends Helen will be going into the tribe with me, so I am looking forward to some times of fellowship with her as well.

Thanks again for your prayers for me.