What does “autumn” conjure up in your memories? Changing leaves? Apples & pumpkins? Black cats & Halloween? This year for me has been fallen to all things pertaining to Literacy!

1st – Amdu! The final weeks of September were monopolized with getting their Primer and Reader drafts critiqued, 100s of e-mails flying (or dawdling as the internet so mightily dictated) back and forth to do long distance updates and corrections, and FINALLY getting the books and teaching materials into print! The team is set to begin their Pre-literacy course on Monday 2nd October and plans are for me to fly in and be with them 9th – 12th when they will commence teaching their Primer 1. Literacy is the “prologue” to the Bible teaching ahead so please be praying for Bart & Emily Allen and Ben & Missy Hatton as they venture into this new phase of their ministry.

Then, Lord willing, Kaje! The week following Amdu I am SUPPOSED to go to Kaje to help with their initial primer construction. As I write, details of that trip – whether I will really be privileged to go or not – remain elusive. It’s a helicopter location and the logistics of getting there are daunting. The more than capable Bill and Kelley Housley will be on hand helping the team so my being on location is optional — though as one of our region’s missionary allocations I would really like to have a part in seeing them launched into this phase of their outreach to the Kaje people. Equally daunting — at the right is a sample of what the Kaje language looks like. NO, I have no clue as to what the text says but as you can see, it is a complex lingua franca. Is Gggumge REALLY a word???? I guess I’ll find out! Would you please be praying for Bill & Kelley Housley as they assist the Kaje missionary team – Taylor & Abby Goheen and Jon & Jen Meyers – with setting up their literacy course? Of course I wouldn’t mind your prayers too that God will make it clear whether or not I can also be with them to be a part of their course development!


Answers to your prayer!

  • By the time the Kaje literacy launch finishes we will, Lord willing, at long last have enough PEOPLE here helping man the Wewak Center!
  • Thomas and Petra Depner and their 4 kiddos will be back from Biem Island and take up a critical part in all aspects of keeping things going for our region
  • John and Christina Hutteman with their 2 sons should also be among us again fitting into the liaison ministry with the tribal churches where missionaries are no longer on location. This is a HUGE task. When Jason Stuart is here he does the work of 20 people. When he away, as he is now, the few of us remaining here flounder to keep up with all he does. John will be a tremendous blessing as he steps in to keep things from falling thru the cracks!

Needs for continuing prayers:

  • Gail Chen and Deb Rodges in their battles with cancer
  • The Biem Team as they all make a final full team visit to the island – Wayne & Gail Chen, Thomas & Petra Depner, Brandon & Rachel Buser
  • The Wewak support team as they are flat out keeping things going here on the mission center and around the Sepik Region: Brandon & Rachel Buser, Jacob & Beth Devine, Bill & Jen Morlang, Tray & Brandy Ischy
  • The next few weeks until Depners and Huttemans join us on location are going to be particularly busy.
  • There are still numerous language groups around our region requesting missionaries – and we have no one to send. Matthew 9:36-38 — “ … when Jesus saw the multitudes, he was moved with compassion on them, because they fainted, and were scattered abroad, as sheep having no shepherd. Then saith he unto his disciples, The harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few;  Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth laborers into his harvest.”

My continuing thanks to YOU for your part in this His work. Each of you reading this is muchly appreciated as is the role God has chosen for you in reaching out to those in need of Jesus. God has allotted each of His children different tasks in His Master Plan. Thank you for your faithfulness to Him in meeting the commissions He has placed in your hands.

Co-laboring to bring back Christ as King!
Hope Sharp