We recently received this comment from a missionary in another country,

“I’ve had many opportunities to speak at different venues. I’ve also given one 3-hour seminar. Materials came from one of our former mentors in Papua New Guinea who had translated materials into simple English. I was able to have my translator read the materials ahead of time to help him with translating it as I spoke. This generated so much enthusiasm, that I was able to begin team teaching right away.”

Our Sunday night fellowship group wants to get together to discuss how to effectively work together to be more consistent in their teaching efforts in the community. A great sign of maturity and ownership of God’s task for them. They have given offerings to help in their various outreaches and have given us “travel money” each time we leave here to go teach in various places around the country. Seeing their offerings used to get the Word out, gives them increased joy in giving.

Our next course of 10 days will be held by a group called Christian Radio Missionary Fellowship (CRMF) to teach church leaders basic computer skills. Yes, PNG has joined the digital age. So glad leaders can be taught to use these tools more effectively.

Rejoice with us. Jim & Kathy Tanner Papua New Guinea (the painting is an acrylic of a Southern Highlands man)