Greetings all,
Our consultant team just returned from a consultant trip to the “Lauje” tribe on Friday. We had a wonderful time meeting with the team, the Lauje pastors, and a number of folks from the church there. It was fun to talk with them, hear their challenges, and help them with some of their strategy for the next few months.


After returning we kind of hit the ground running as Steve, Linda, our translation consultant, and myself will be flying into Wana tomorrow. We spent a good chunk of the day yesterday buying the supplies we will need, boxing it up, weighing it, and getting it to the hangar. Then today we had to get our personal bags packed for an early departure at 7:00 a.m. our time here.

We will appreciate your prayers as we do this translation check on these Old Testament Scriptures. Our adversary the devil has not been silent as one of our Wana helpers was in a bad cycle accident just a few weeks ago and his leg is still swollen. However we are taking more medication in for him and he still plans to come. Another of our language helpers has a father who has to be cared for and had no one to stay with him so a few days ago he called and said he would not be able to come. I think we have it worked out now to have a daughter of his who lives in another village go and take care of him. Then some of our own missionary team has not been feeling well. So we would just appreciate your prayers that the Lord would bring our team together, give us the health and stamina we need, good concentration, and help us to get this translation check done.

One of the hard things about this check is I will be out of contact with Jeanne for the next 3 ½ weeks. It will be a long time to not have any contact so we will appreciate your prayers during this time and that things will run smoothly for her during this time. I just phoned her a little while ago and she has a bad sore throat so it makes it difficult to leave her that way and not be able to call and check up on her every day.
Thanks so much for being a part of our team through your prayers. You are VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!

Ed for us both,

P.S. Please excuse the blurriness of some of the pics. It was dark in the church and I had to use a high ISO.

Heading to the helicopter for the flight to Lauje

Meeting with the missionary team and some of the Lauje pastors in their church

One of the Older Lauje pastors

Another of the older Lauje Pastors

Some of the Lauje houses in their village.

Ed Casteel
Church Planting Asia Pacific