Greetings all,

Just a note to let you know that things are all on schedule for my departure to Asia Pacific next week. If all goes as schedule this time next week I should be just an hour or two from my destination. Thank you so much for your prayers thus far – once again the Lord has provided the funds for this trip – PTL! Yesterday and today I have been trying to do my preliminary packing and get and idea of suitcase weights. I usually have a number orders for other folks so never quite sure where I stand weight-wise. I am allowed two check-on suitcases with a limit of 50 lbs. each. As it looks now I should squeak under those limits. 

Another of our Wana ministries which we haven’t shared much with you is our “school kids” ministry in the provincial capital. During the past few years more and more of our Wana kids starting to come to the city to study as the government schools in Wana do not go past 9th grade and in most villages only up to 6th grade. With the large influx of kids in town our churches realized the need to provide better oversight over them. With that last year we opened up our first dorm and also began a youth group with regular Bible studies. Jeanne and I thought you may be interested to see how the youth group started off compared to what it looked like at last nights Bible study.

The youth group for our town school kids as it started out a year ago.


The youth group today

It was 39 years ago this October we made our first survey trip into Wana. At that time the vast majority of these people had never seen the city and spent their entire lives in the interior regions living as slash and burn farmers. We had no idea at that time what God had in mind with the Wana and what He was going to do in their hearts and lives. All we ca n say is “To God be the Glory”. Thank you so much for being a part.

Blessings to each of you,
Ed n Jeanne Casteel