Dear family and friends,

Hurricane Irma has passed us and is no more. We are all safe here at Ethnos 360 (New Tribes Mission) in Sanford, Florida. We praise and thank the Lord for this.

All of our NTM Homes duplex residents are still without power. This means Brad and me as well. It sounds like we could be without power from 3 to 10 days. We do not yet have phone or internet service. We have a small gas burner, so Brad can make his morning coffee and we can heat up the canned food that we have purchased and have on hand. I made a pan of popcorn last night. Smile We are doing fine.

Our Assisted Living Facility is now running on generator power. We can’t run everything in the building, but the air conditioning is on, the kitchen is serving meals to our 30 residents here, and each room has lights in the bathroom and power to one electrical outlet in the room. One of our staff ladies is bagging up 1 gal. zip lock bags with ice for our duplex residents. There is a limit of one bag per household per day. There are a couple of places set up where we can come and charge the batteries on our phones. Since this building also has internet access, I am able to send out this e-mail to all you folks. But it does mean that I will only be receiving and reading e-mails once a day when I come up to this building with my laptop computer.

All our residents and staff members are safe. No houses were damaged during the storm. There are a some ripped screens, a few missing roof shingles, damaged gutters, and lots of branches and a few trees that have come down. Our maintenance and grounds crew are busy with the clean-up. I am cleaning rooms and doing other misc. projects around here. I need to get back to work. I will write more at a later date.

Wanda (and Brad) Hull
NTM Homes in Sanford, Florida