“God changes nations from the internal to the external. Therefore, to liberate a nation, we must first liberate the people of a nation. This will occur as we preach the gospel, as Jesus commanded, and then teach believers how to live out the truth of the Bible in their everyday life” quoted from the book Liberating the Nations.


Childbearing is a responsibility given by God to parents, therefore parents are to guide, nurture, and discipline their children. They have an appointment to keep with God to give an account for the resource of life with which God entrusted them. The good news is, parents are not left without direction, they have a sure revelation – the Bible.


WOW is an understatement for NIKO 2017, July 9- 14. It was an amazing camp, living in the outdoor and experiencing the class room of life with twenty one (21) participants and nine wonderful staff including myself. The slang for our NIKO last year was “NIKO never stops”, and indeed this was true. One of my favourite part of NIKO is the end. Why? The testimonies are always amazing. A camper shared…”I felt like I was washed, something broke off me”. Another shared …”NIKO is a character builder”, and yet another said (Paraphrase)……… “I tried not to listen to God, but somehow I didn’t want to hear what He had to say, but during NIKO I heard God again, He really spoke to me and got my attention”. Another enthused camper shared, ” I am excited the bible came alive to me, I love it”. I could go on and on…. it wasn’t the great planning of NIKO neither the hard wok of the staff, but it was Holy Spirit all the way. Abba thank you.


Following NIKO was Access Summer Camp July 16 – 29, 2017. We were honoured to have twenty three campers ranging from ages 4 – 19, some of which were participants in the NIKO camp. We had a total of fifteen (15) staff. The theme for camp this year was He wants it all (body, soul, spirit). We went to the Ginger Hill Community in St. Elizabeth for a one week outreach where we partner with the Ginger Hill Church of God in Jamaica. One of my highlight was observing the growth of one of our Access Core Members. Last year the individual was a camper, she was shy, reserved and didn’t speak much. Nevertheless, in-spite of our reservations we invited her to be apart of our Access Core Team. I can say after working with her for one year, she has grown in confidence, taking initiative, boldness and the list goes on. She was on our staff team this year and she led with well. I think to myself ‘Look what God has done.’ I have certainly learn’t that some person just need someone to come alongside them to encourage, champion, and give room to grow.

NIKO Camp – St. Croix

It was a pleasure partnering with YWAM St. Croix in April for their NIKO Camp. There was a total of 18 participants from different strata of society, ages and nationality. It was rewarding and amazing to hear the testimonies at the end of the camp of what God did, the brokenness, healing and transformation. One person’s testimony was his feet started giving him problem from the beginning of the camp, then the Lord started ministering to Him, he heard the Lord told him that the foundation of his life is broken and it was as looking into a mirror at himself. What touches me, was after the graduation, his wife said “I have never seen my husband like that”.

YWAM Montego Bay


Thanks to the teams that partnered with Youth With A Mission Jamaica. Because of these partnership some areas on our Montego Bay base received much needed painting and an overall face-lift . Thanks to LOGOS Hope Book ship who came alongside us, strengthened our arms, through manual labour, evangelism and books donation.

Homes of Hope

Thanks to the teams who raise funds, came and built a home, for Miss Clara and her son, which was much needed.


Discipleship Training School

I will be staffing the DTS, September 18, 2017 – February 17, 2018.

CUBA Outreach

Access Ministry Core International Outreach will be going to Cuba December 15 – 23 2017.

Praise Report

I was behind in my monthly staff contribution by almost U.S.$900. Friends, God provided, my bills were paid.


All YWAM staff is responsible to raise their own support through financial gifts of friends, family and churches who believe in them and what God has called them to do. My support goal is to raise US$500.00 each month because we live in a community where all of us contribute to the resources we use (utilities included). My support of US$500.00 covers food, housing, grocery, laundry, personal supplies, insurance and medical care. I need to have full time financial and prayer partner who will support me on a monthly basis, will you prayerfully consider joining my support team for the next two years by giving a monthly or one time donation of U.S $50, $100, $200 or $300.

May God bless and keep you and your family that you may prosper in all your endeavours.

Prayer Requests

  • Please pray  that the heart of each Campers will continue to respond to the Holy Spirit
  • Provision of U.S$6,000 for D.T.S. and Cuba Outreach.
  • A Mission Support Team for me
  • YWAM Jamaica Staff- our health, finances and protection.
  • Increase in long-term staff
  • Pray finance for each team member who will be going on the CUBA and D.T.S. outreach