Dear family and friends,

Greetings to you! It is a beautiful sunny afternoon here in central Florida. Brad and I made a trip to Maryland in the middle of June. We were able to visit quite a number of folks as well as visited 3 different churches. We were away from home for 13 days. We are allowed a certain number of days per year for vacation as well as a specific number of days for partnership development. Since we are now on home staff here at NTM Homes, we do not have a time of home assignment (or furlough). Therefore we need to fit a whole lot into each of the days that we are away from our ministry responsibilities.

We spent 3 days in Savannah, Georgia on our way up north. We had a relaxing time together with our friends Mark and Ella. We took a carriage ride through the historic downtown area. We went to Botany Bay Plantation (ruins) and also got in a bit of hiking. Of course Brad took a lot of photos, as you rarely see him without his camera around his neck. Not having the pressures and responsibilities of work, made it so that we could just enjoy ourselves and have some down time. It was great!

When we lived in Thailand and Papua New Guinea, we were in mountainous regions. Getting out of the flatlands of Florida and back to the mountains of Maryland was refreshing in itself. We watched the sunrise each morning from the deck of the house where we stayed. It was beautiful and caused us to reflect on the greatness and creativity of our God. Among other things we attended a wedding, an anniversary celebration meal with Brad’s parents, ate out in several different restaurants and had ice cream with some friends.

We are now back to our regular jobs. Brad had some catching up to do after we returned, but now the bills are all paid and he is back on top of things. Brad is going to be training one of the finance office workers at our home office to fill in for him if he needs to be away. This is an answer to prayer. Brad will also be learning the specifics about Melissa’s job, so he can fill in for her when she needs to be away.

Brad went to his primary care doctor a few weeks back for a regular checkup. I will let Brad explain it bit more.

There was something on the EKG that my doctor questioned, so he sent me to a cardiologist. I went to him and took a stress test and something didn’t “look normal”. Now he wants to do a nuclear stress test. Apparently nothing serious – but he wants to do those tests. We have medical insurance, but it has quite a high deductible. I would just like to get this all done and behind me. We would appreciate your prayers.

My friend Carol and I have been planning various activities for our retirees. We recently went to a River Rats baseball game (collegiate). We also have a Movie Night planned and a trip to a local Chinese Buffet. With a bit of planning it is not too difficult to pull off these events. The activities director asked me if I would be willing to drive one of the mission vans to take a group of folks to the “Christmas Tree Shop” in Altamonte Springs (near Orlando) later this month. She thinks that there will be enough folks who want to go that we will need to take two vans. These various outings are extra things that I will be doing besides my normal cleaning responsibilities. I enjoy the cleaning, but also like to get out and about with our retirees.

Matters for prayer

  • We would both appreciate your prayers for us as we minister here at NTM Homes. (Finance Office and Housekeeping)
  • Pray for Brad as he makes his doctor’s visits and looks into his health needs.
  • Pray that we will both be attentive to the needs of our residents. Many are using walkers, canes, or battery operated carts to navigate the hallways. There are serious health needs among our elderly population. (Cancer, surgeries, radiation, chemo, etc.)
  • Pray that we will show the love of Christ in all that we say and do.
  • Pray: We continue to hear reports about people groups around the world that are hearing the good news of the gospel for the first time. One such group is the Nahuatl. ( Pronounced Nah Watt) The missionaries there in Mexico asked for prayer about these things: That the people hear the truth of who God is and what He says, free from confusion from any outside influence, and that they continue to come regularly to the teaching. May many come to Jesus by grace through faith. God’s Word is being proclaimed among the Nahuatl every Tuesday and Thursday for the next few months. Teaching began July 11th. (The Nahuatl team – Pete, Liesl, Jordan, Amy, Katie, and Rachel)

We are thankful to be part of Ethnos 360 as we seek to see a “Thriving Church for Every People”.

By His grace,

Wanda (and Brad) Hul