Dear friends,

We had a great summer in the coastal town of Madang, casting a missions vision to 19 college-aged students in our six-week Interface program. I was able to teach, and Becky and the girls provided kitchen help for the program. The students attended classes on tribal missions, learned some of the local language, visited established national churches and remote bush locations, and heard the testimonies of many, many missionaries who work in both tribal and support ministries.

For our family, not only did we get to cast a vision to these students, but the experience allowed God to renew our own vision for cross-cultural ministry! I told Becky at the end of the program, “We’ve been challenging these students about what an adventure tribal missions can be…and we get to wake up tomorrow and do it afresh. Let’s make the most of it!”

I can’t put into words what a privilege it is to get to participate in bringing the Gospel message to those who have never heard! Since a picture is worth 1000 words, I’ll stop talking and show you some shots from the summer:

 Of course, we were also excited to have Michael and Ben visiting, along with Neil’s parents. They also got to be involved a bit with the program.It was so encouraging to spend 4 weeks with them.

Of the 19 students in the program, 16 of them expressed a desire to serve the Lord somewhere in missions in the years to come. Please pray for these students that the challenge God has put into their hearts will bear fruit in the years to come, and that the Lord will direct their paths each step of the way as they seek to serve Him and follow the call to reach the unreached peoples of the earth.

If you know of a college-aged student who might be interested in participating in next year’s program, it’s not too early to start looking into it! It’s a great way to experience tribal missions firsthand and let God stretch your faith and expand your ministry horizons! Check out the website here for more information.

Back to “Real” Life

Becky and the girls are all set to start a new school year this week! Katie is starting her Junior year and Cara is going into 10th grade. Becky will be teaching a new group of Spanish 1 students and will also be facilitating two video courses in Earth Science because of staffing shortages at the school. Another area where we are short this year is in our boarding program. Because we do not have any dorm parents, we are closing the boarding program for this year. This has caused several families to have to come out of the tribe for their kids’ schooling. Please pray that the Lord will provide a qualified couple to serve as boarding home parents next school year.

Neil will not be teaching in the school this year, but will be involved in other projects and travel. He currently has two trips planned to the capitol city to work through some issues with our mission and the PNG government, as it relates to work permits and entry visas that all of our missionaries need to minister in this country. Please pray that we will find favor in the eyes of the officials so that our 350 adult missionaries can continue to minister in the country.

And in the “Big News” Department…

We also need to let you all know that we are going to be taking a six-month Home Assignment in Texas starting in December! We plan to travel home right before Christmas at the end of the year, and be home until the following summer.

Our plan is to live in College Station near all three of the boys in school and also near Grace Bible Church. Both Ben and Andrew finish their undergraduate degrees this May so it will be great to be there for their graduation.

We would appreciate your prayers for this time. Mid-school year transitions aren’t the easiest. We also need direction in locating a place to stay. Thankfully, through a series of events, the Lord has provided a vehicle for us to use!

Thank you for your prayers and support for us here in Papua New Guinea. I know we do not say it enough, but we are extremely grateful for you all. Your prayers are vital. Thank you.

With love in Christ,

Neil, Becky, Katie and Cara