Greetings All,

It is hard to believe that it is just six weeks before I will be departing again for the Asia Pacific Islands. I am looking forward to this next trip and the things that I will be involved in once again. One of the major things we will be doing is a final translation check on Old Testament Scripture portions from Exodus to the end of the Old Testament which go along with our Old Testament Chronological Bible lessons. We are anticipating this check to be about 10 days long so will appreciate your prayers for that and the final preparations for it.

Other things I will be involved in is a Bible Conference for all the churches in our Wana fellowship. We will be studying the book of 2 Timothy for this conference along with business meetings scheduled in for each afternoon. Besides this I will also be involved in making church planting consultant visits with a number of our missionary teams, and then the trip ending with field leadership meetings. It looks to be a packed full time as usual.

I will appreciate your continued prayers for the finances of this trip. Some finances have already come in but I am still trusting the Lord for another $1,000. We also want to thank you for your continued prayers for little Kelvin. He continues to hang in there. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of improvement but not seemingly getting worse either, although he is very thin. We have no idea if the Chinese traditional therapy is working or not but they do feel the Lord would have them continue on with it as He continues to provide for them. Please pray for his parents and grandparents too as this continues to be a hard time for all of them.

We sincerely appreciate the part you are having in this great job. We can surely repeat the words of the Apostle Paul in 2 Cor. 1:11, “…..You also helping together by prayer for us.”

Ed & Jeanne