Dear Team Members, 

Greetings from hot and humid Florida! We trust you are keeping safe and well with all the unseasonable weather around!

We are EXCITED and EVER SO THANKFUL for recent news: There are a number of new missionaries heading to the fields of Papua New Guinea, Brazil, the Philippines, and Mexico! Besides saying their good-byes to family, there will be many adjustments, and hard work. Know these new missionaries would appreciate your prayers!


Found in Luke Chapter 10:2 is this prayer request: “Therefore said he unto them, The harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few; pray ye, therefore the Lord of the harvest, the he would send for laborers into his harvest.”

Your love, care, and prayers have had a part in reaching the unreached, through folks we have had part in training, with the GOSPEL – the BEST NEWS THERE IS !!!!!!

Cherrie’s cancer journey has gone well, except for the back pain. She ended up going back to the orthopedic surgeon who operated on her low back three years ago. An MRI was done and showed a problem above where the old surgery was done three years ago. On August 1st, she will be having fusion surgery on her low back, which we trust will help alleviate the pain! We would appreciate your prayers!

On Thursday July 20th, Cherrie had her six month oncology appointment. All her blood reports were good so she sees her doctor again in six months. Our grandson Majh’s health is improving for which we are thankful Smile Thank you for your prayers!

Rejoicing with you in all the Lord has done and is doing around the world,
Charlie & Cherrie


Charlie and I were talking about being normal, but really not knowing what normal is!!!!!!!!!!! I told him there was only one person I knew who was normal!!!!! Years ago, New Tribes Mission (now Ethnos 360) used to send out a small identification membership card, each year, with the person’s name on it as being a member of New Tribes Mission. Our dear friend Norma Walsh, who is now in Heaven with her Savior Who she served so faithfully, received her identification card with Normal Walsh typed on it Smile