Dear praying friend,

It has been awhile since I wrote, and I do thank you for those who prayed for Aisak as he and his family journeyed with the Lord in Aisak’s eventual going home to be with his Lord and Saviour.

I want to share with you an email I just received this morning, and appreciate your continued prayers for Aisak’s widow and family:

Some people were working in Samou a couple weeks ago and somehow Aisak Ariane’s teenage daughter Wendy got in the way of a spade and the front half of her foot was nearly chopped off. She was taken down to May River health centre and the nurses said her injuries were well beyond what they could help her with. However, Samaritan Aviation is not flying right now because their pilot is out of the country. It was election time so they were hoping that maybe an election helicopter could take her back to Wewak when it dropped off a polling team, but that didn’t work out. Finally two weeks after the injury they have gotten her out to Wewak by motor canoe and PMV. I saw them in the emergency room of the hospital yesterday and they have now been admitted to a ward. There is an Australian surgeon from Victoria who is volunteering at the Wewak hospital for the new few months and I saw her yesterday afternoon at the beach. She said she saw the x-rays and that even if they had gotten Wendy to the emergency room immediately, there would have been no way to save her foot because her injuries are so severe. Now after two weeks they will do the best they can to save what they can. I think we should pray that the girl will still have a heel left to walk on and that the amputation will not go any farther up. Her mother (Aisak’s widow) is out at the hospital to look after her. I will go back this afternoon to see them and then Monday I go to Goroka for a couple weeks and Hope Sharp will take over checking in on them.

Update: “I went to see Aisak’s daughter this afternoon. They are supposed to do the surgery today to removed the front half of the foot. They recently tore down four wards at the hospital and built new ones and she is in one of the new ones. You almost don’t know that you are in PNG, everything is so clean and there are real hospital beds donated by a hospital in NSW with curtains between all the beds, etc. They just opened the new wards a few days ago and they are very nice. Anyway, once I hear how surgery went, I will let you know.

Late May and June, our co-workers from the Owininga, Dean and Loretta Mundy journeyed back to Papua New Guinea and Dean was able to check a good percentage of what was translated of the book of Luke. Continue to pray for them as they resume their responsibilities at the Bible School in Wisconsin, the continual translation of the Owininga New Testament and another opportunity for them to return again to PNG and that eventually a completion of the translation.

Earlier this month, Rhesa and Bobby’s eldest daughter, Rhianah, announced her engagement, with plans to wed next January. Yesterday, Bobby, and Rhianah flew out of Perth to Brisbane, after receiving news from Bobby’s mother that his father, who has been suffering with cancer for a few years, was nearing his heavenly home. Please pray for the Bagley family at this time, as you also bring Wendy from the Owininga, to the Lord in prayer. I don’t think her mother has ever been out of the village before, so the support she receives from the NTM missionaries in Wewak and the strengthening from your prayers, will be a big encouragement to her.

Psalm 34:8b “blessed is the man who takes refuge in the Lord.” May He be your refuge today.

Lovingly, and resting in His arms, Bev

Bev Croot