On the 25th we will be celebrating the anniversary of our return to PNG. It is hard to believe that a whole year has gone by. We are going celebrate by taking a break next week Smile. Our poor little Suzuki is also taking a break. Our last trip to Koropa the fuel tank sprung a leak. We have been patching it for some time now but now it has gone beyond patching. So she is having a break while we wait for a new tank. The problem is, they put river gravel on the road so you bounce over the rocks.

David has started going out to Katagu Saturday mornings for fellowship time with the believers and teaching through Romans. We tried to get them to come out here earlier on but that didn’t work out. We have been concerned for some time about their need for teaching and encouragement. They have been taught through Romans before so this time we are doing a more comprehensive study going through slower. We are meeting at Buka’s place and so far we have had Buka and his wife Anita, Heti, Mena and some of Buka’s children. The translation work is on hold right now. We are praying that the Lord will challenge them regarding the translation work so that they will not see it as them helping David as they had in the past but that they might see it as a team effort.

With love from
David & Wendy