Greetings from Steve and Sandy Aholt,

We so much appreciate you faithful prayers and your financial support of our ministry. We labor daily to reach the lost wherever we are and to build up the church in Papua New Guinea. The materials that we have translated and edited are being used effectively, to reach lost souls for Christ, and to help Christians minister more effectively. We thank you LORD for each one of these – our faithful prayer warriors, supporters, and friends!

Steve now has two more certificates after his completion of two weeks of training at our ABWE headquarters in Harrisburg, PA. He attended classes from 8-5 Monday through Friday. Each day we covered 10 lessons. The first week was 50 lessons from the Old Testament. The second week was 50 lessons from the New Testament. These were training classes on how to teach the Roots of Faith material. I can better understand this material as I continue in the translation and editing of this these lessons into the Pidgin language of Papua New Guinea! I thank you LORD for helping me to complete this training and for wisdom in doing this work!

Steve sat next to a younger man on his flight back from Harrisburg. He was here in the USA from Germany on vacation. He attends a Catholic church on Christmas. He did not know where his Bible is, but said that it was lost in dust somewhere. I pictured in my mind what it was like when Philip taught the Ethiopian eunuch from the scriptures. The man listened with intent as I shared with him from the very beginning with Genesis 1:1. I walked him through the lessons that I had just learned. As we completed our conversation he said, “I have never heard the Bible taught to me like that before.” He said that he had finally seen the big picture of the Bible. Our flight ended and we parted. Please pray for this young German man as I follow-up with him. Thank you LORD for what you are going to do internationally through this man!

The Roots of Faith material, that we are presently translating and editing, will further enable people to develop in their minds the big picture of the Bible. These 100 lessons, from Genesis through Revelation, will help Christians to be more adept in witnessing to others, on the level where they are spiritually. Thank you LORD for giving us health and strength to labor in this resourceful work of church planting!

Some people are so confused they ask, “What came first – the chicken or the egg?” Genesis 1:21-22 gives the answer. God made all winged foul in verse 21. Then in verse 22 God blesses them so that they can multiple in the earth. Genesis 2:19 tells us that God formed them out of the ground as a potter does with clay. Thank you LORD for making it clear to us how you created all things!

At the end of this month, we will be taking part in a Summer Vacation Bible School program. Please pray for this time to bring much honor and glory to the author and the finisher of our faith – Jesus Christ.

One woman whom Sandy has been helping has a warrant for her arrest. Please pray for resolution of this issue. A girl who we have been visiting and praying for is now in a foster home. Please pray for this girl, and her foster parents, for growing wisdom in daily decision-making.

Also, pray for the rescue of others from commercial sexual exploitation and their recoveries from its effects. We thank you LORD God for your grace, mercy, and plan to forgive sin, through faith in Christ!

We thank you LORD for an overall good health report from Sandy’s recent annual physical exam. Without Him, we can do nothing!

Listening for the trump and praying,
Steve and Sandy Aholt