Dear Team Members,

We sure have an AWESOME GOD! How thankful we are for the Lord opening the door and meeting our needs to be able to go to see our daughter Esther and her family for 11 days! We saw Esther last year, but had not seen Ricky, Majh, and Desi for two years due to my cancer journey. They had friends who were away and allowed us to stay in their lovely home while there – GOD’S PROVISION :o) We were also able to see other friends on the way up and back, and on June 3rd we were able to have a bit of a family reunion – 15 of us as some of Charlie’s extended family lived within two hours of Esther and Ricky who now live in Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia – one cousin he had not seen for around 35 years!!!!!!!!!!!! Majh, now three years old, was healthy while we were there and we trust that will continue!!!


Majh turned 3 a couple of weeks earlier and Desi had her 7th Birthday party while we were there Smile We had LOADS of fun!!!!!!!!!! For the first time in their 14 years of marriage Esther had a washing machine and dryer. When the washer was spinning and shaking, the kids loved holding on to it and laughing MADLY Smile Majh loved to make puzzles – the same ones over and over! We made cookies using a cake mix! Watched loads of children’s movies and of course had popcorn!! The CONSTANT LAUGHTER was like a DOSE OF MEDICINE!

So there was lots of FUN, FOOD, LAUGHS, and of course TEARS as we headed back home, BUT WITH THANKFUL HEARTS FULL OF MEMORIES!

We arrived home on June 10th, tired, BUT THANKFUL for the daily strength HE gave us.

Our daughter Esther is involved in doing make-up and has a site called If you are interested in looking at what she is doing and selling, you can use that link to see what’s on offer.

As I journeyed with cancer, I have asked you to pray for a special friend Teresa Holmgren, who was also battling breast cancer. We have become really close friends, and am thankful for the bond we have in Christ. Her cancer has spread – stage 4 – , and I ask you to earnestly pray for her, her family which includes young children, for wisdom for her medical team!

We would also ask you to pray for Cherrie’s brother-in-law Harry who has been really sick with Anaplasmosis – it is not Lymes disease but similar. Know that he and Cherrie’s sister Lynda would appreciate your prayers!

We are both starting to sleep better for which we are thankful. Cherrie continues to have low back problems though, which is worsening. You may remember she had low back surgery in 2014. On June 29th, we had an appointment with the surgeon to get the results of the MRI she had the week before. The surgeon explained the problem which is located just above where she had surgery three years ago. He explained the options we had, and we decided to go with him operating and inserting a device called coflex. It is titanium, which means future MRIs can be done. It does not fuse the vertebrae, but does flex some. Charlie then said “It will put a spring in my step!” We expect the operation to be done on July 31st or August 1st. We both appreciate your continued prayers!


  • Protection of Missionaries in troubled countries.
  • We sooo appreciate our “Volunteers who are often called Snow Birds” who help us over the winter months, but we really need more full time staff here on a regular basis.
  • For so many of our retirees who are unwell.

How we thank the Lord for each of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God Bless and Encourage you all!

Laborers TOGETHER with Him,
Charlie & Cherrie


Cherrie’s Musings:

While traveling, we saw many ENCOURAGING SIGNS along the roadways:

  • “Pray for our Nation”
  • “What can wash away my sin – nothing but the blood of Jesus”
  • “Jesus Christ is Lord”
  • “I’m still in control” – Jesus
  • “Let go I’ll catch you” – Jesus
  • “I’ll be back” – Jesus
  • “Every knee shall bow”
  • On a truck – “In God we trust”

In closing, there were MANY excellent songs we got to hear while traveling! This is one that stood out to me:

“I can never praise Him enough for the cross of Calvary.”