So, I forgot to include any prayer requests in that update last month. Sorry about that!

A brief summary of what I’ve been doing so far is:

  • I’ve visited individually with 13 supporters.
  • Had 15 different meetings at 9 different churches.
  • Put 4,611 miles on the car

I am feeling very blessed by all the gracious people along the way, especially the Kowalskis who continue to put up with me staying in their home, now going into the fourth week . . .

Little side trips include a trip to the Plymouth Pilgrim Hall Museum and a look at the Algonquin translation of the Bible (by John Eliot and first printed in 1663), and a visit to a massive Buddhist meditation center in Raynham, MA. I’ve also enjoyed a stroll along Cape Cod Canal, and helping out with a week of Vacation Bible School at a supporting church in Middleboro, Mass.

You’ll be happy to know I haven’t hit any more birds lately. I would appreciate your prayers for the following:

  • Continued safety in travel during the month of July. Lord willing, I’ll be back home around July 29.
  • Good times with the Lord in my longest drives in particular.
  • That I might learn from every visit I make and be a blessing wherever I go. Pray that I would leave people better than when I first encountered them this trip.

Thank you so much!