Greetings all,

Remember this man? This is “grandpa” or “Pa’a Judy” (father of Judy) who nearly died from a foot infection last year. He is now able to walk and is studying God’s word diligently – currently they are studying through the “Life of Christ” lessons with him. (Pa’a Judy is the father of one of our missionaries serving on Peleng Island. He had refused to listen to the gospel until this ordeal with his foot.)

When we walked into his house he was quick to praise the Lord for his healing but has yet to confess Jesus as his Savior so we need to keep praying to that end. He was very steeped in the old tribal beliefs so we know what he is hearing from God’s word is all new to him and it is just taking time for him to process it all. But the Holy Spirit is definitely working in his heart. Isn’t it neat to know that the Lord is interested in each and everyone of us personally.

The infection left him minus one toe and quite a scar!

Your prayers for little Kelvin are still very much appeciated. This is the most recent picture we have of him taken just a few days ago. In talking with our Wana co-workers this morning they say that his face is softening up some and he can now smell again, but as you can see the left eye is now quite red and swollen. To me it doesn’t look good and it will take a miracle to see him healed. Please be in prayer for his parents and grandparents too as it has been very hard on the whole family to see him have to go through all this.

Thanks so much for your part in the lives of the Wana people.

Ed n Jeanne