I’m beginning to wonder if I have a sign on my vehicle that says something about being a bird killer!

Yes, I am on the road. I think it was in Oklahoma, maybe, that I encountered a Turkey Vulture that was a little bit too slow flying out of the way as my car barreled down the highway at 70 mph. It spread its wings just a tad late and caught the right side of the car, promptly depositing the contents of its stomach on my wind shield. Eww. Nasty stuff! And then in Tennessee an owl swooped out of the dark forest to my left, flying low, and slammed hard into my right fender. Another dent, but who’s counting at this point? I think the owl sustained a bit more damage . . . Then there was the little bird at the restaurant in Maryland or somewhere. Poor little thing seemed to have a damaged wing and, of course, hopped under my car when I approached. I prayed that God would protect it as I pulled out, and to my relief, it was still intact after I backed out, sitting precariously about where the center of my vehicle had been.

If God is always cognizant of the tiniest bird when it falls, He certainly has us in mind as well. I thank Him for safety thus far, for good visits with individuals in New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, and now Pennsylvania. I’ve had the privilege of speaking at two churches and am really looking forward to personally connecting with nearly all my financial supporters.

Back at IBC, all the students slated to graduate did so. The Student Ministry Showcase went well, though too long again this year. The library groundbreaking didn’t happen since we still need permits from the City of Flagstaff, and more money to get started. Thanks for praying!