Dear family and friends,

Greetings in the precious name of Jesus! We can say that because His name is so very precious! Jesus is the reason we live and have purpose in this life. He desires to receive all the praise and glory due His name. We are only His servants that He chooses to use, so that He may receive that glory.

Please continue to pray for missionary teams who, even though the whole gospel has been presented in their tribe, are not done yet. The work of evangelism is finished for now, but the work of church planting is just beginning. Everyone rejoices when a child is born, and the mother is exhausted after the difficult labor, but the work of raising that child has just begun! So, too, this new church is born, but the work of discipleship is a long road stretching ahead into the future. So please pray for teams as they shoulder this new task that lies ahead! Thank you!

Brad and I are planning a trip to Hancock, Maryland later this month. We will be spending time with family, but also would like to visit some folks in the area. If you are interested in seeing us, please e-mail us (our address is below), and we will see if we can arrange a time to get together. We will not have internet access or phone service while we are away from home. We have found that our cheap cell phones don’t have good reception, so that is not really a very good option either. We plan to leave Florida early Saturday morning (June 10th) and arrive back here in time for work on Monday June 26th.

We would appreciate your prayers for us.

We are both in need of a vacation / break from our jobs. Pray that our time away will be refreshing.

Pray for the new believers in Papua New Guinea. Pray too for the team as they disciple these newborn babes in Christ.

Because of Calvary,

Wanda (and Brad) Hull