When Diann and I entered into training with New Tribes Mission in 1981, the mission had been in existence for 39 years and NTM missionaries were carrying the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the very remote regions of the world. This year on the 75th anniversary of the founding of NTM, our organization has a different name. Today Ethnos360 missionaries are still taking the gospel to regions around the world. Ethnos means the “nations” that Christ referred to in Matthew 28:19 and in Luke 24:47. 360 represents a full circle—-the entirety of the globe. Ethnos360  eadership has stated that, “Our vision is the same today as it was 75 years ago: A thriving church for every people”. It takes awhile to become comfortable with a new name but we are getting there!

During the 2016 to 2017 school year, the following statistics are for those individuals that finished (or will finish) an aspect of training with Ethnos360: Bible Institutes—123, Aviation Program—-2 Couples, Missionary Training Center—28, Connection Center (associate members)—16, Interface—18 including one individual for a church planting internship. Interface is the college-level missions course which is held in Papua New Guinea each summer.

As I mentioned in our previous update Diann and I will be traveling to Florida to help with the orientation in June for the new associate members. They will be serving the Lord in ministry locations overseas and in the USA. To communicate with them and their church leadership throughout the months has been a special privilege. Every now and then in my office in Long Beach, I receive an encouraging email. One individual recently wrote, “Thank you for journeying this path with me for a bit! I sure appreciate all your practical help, but most importantly I appreciate your prayers”. That was encouraging to read and brings into focus the shepherding side of the associate coaching ministry.

We have heard good news from overseas about a church just born amongst the Iski people, who are in Papua New Guinea. The missionary team taught foundational truths for 14 weeks before presenting the gospel. A new believer by the name of Rudolph said, “God suffered and carried my pain. Before, we heard the story of Jesus healing the blind man. I was blind, but yesterday my eyes were opened.” Blind but now they see! PTL!

We thank you for your prayers for us as I continue to serve with the Ethnos360 Connection Center. Please pray for the upcoming Pre-field Orientation. Also, please pray for the Connection Center team, that the Lord would give strength and wisdom as the team continues to work with initial contacts, applicants to the Missionary Training Center, the Associate Program, Volunteer Program, and the Interface Program.

Because of Calvary,

Dave and Diann

Ethnos360 Connection Center