We have another teacher training course coming up the 25th for advanced teachers. I’ve never taught it before, but I’ve been busy working at curriculum development. Pray it will all come together. We are expecting about 25 folks.

We started volume 10 in our English Bible course, but after doing 5 lessons, I had to lay it aside to work on the teachers’ course. 

The last teacher training course we had was very effective. One man wrote, “I personally was helped a great deal by attending the training. I had been taught lessons, but now I know how to teach them others. I thank God for the course.”

I was invited to speak Easter Sunday morni ng in a church in the town of Goroka. I look forward to sharing the Word with them. I just finished the oil painting of this elderly woman today. I love older people as subjects. Thanks for your prayers.


I was asked to preach at a new developing church about 6 miles from home. I got some nice exercise walking up and down our hill. I got a bus to market, met up with Jonathan and another young man, and we walked the remaining 3 miles together.

The story of the death and resurrection of Christ never gets old. I was feeling like a blob, but cried out to the Lord for His help, which He freely gave me. The resurrection proved Christ was genuine and had paid the full price for our sin, otherwise, God wouldn’t have brought Him back to life.
Did you notice the floor? It is red clay with marigolds. It made me think of the streets of gold that await us. Such a joy and privilege to teach the Word, and to see people respond to the truth. Notice they are sitting on the ground. It didn’t matter to them. Rejoice with us in the joy of walking with Christ.


Margaret is on the right and she is meeting with a fellow worker during lunch hour to study the Word together. She has led 3 people to Christ by teaching them through our Creation to Christ lesson books. She is also a co-teacher with another woman in our community who has brought many people to Christ.

Since Margaret came to Christ, people have noticed a huge change in her. People want what she has found, and she doesn’t lack opportunities to share the Word. She attended our recent advanced teachers’ training course along with about 30 others.

Jeremy was another young man who attended the course and he is now in the capital city teaching a class of 30. He reports that people are amazed that they have never understood the truths he is teaching before. They are thankful for a clear presentation of who God is and all of his amazing attributes.

Pray for Margaret and Jeremy and many others who want to serve God and teach others.

Much love,

Jim & Kathy Tanner, Papua New Guinea