Dear Team Members,

How we thank the Lord for each of you!!! YOU ARE ALL SPECIAL TO US Smile

Some of our retirees faithfully go to a local detention center weekly to interact with the kids there. They are praising the Lord for a good time last week with the five kids who came out for this time. They are so thankful for the hunger these kids showed for the Word of God!! Please be praying for these retirees and for these kids and others in the future to put their faith in Jesus Christ as their Savior!


We thought we would give you an update on our activities these days: We are RETIRED, BUT VOLUNTEER in various ways here at our retirement center. Charlie helps during office hours up at our assisted living building answering the phone at the receptionist desk, plus when needed we answer the main phone after hours for incoming calls for the Retirement Center. Charlie is also a Notary Public and is a help to folk when they need things notarized. Charlie is also on the Chaplain’s team here at the retirement center. I am still recovering from having cancer and four operations, and have not yet regained energy like I would like to! The cancer treatment I am on for five years gives me bone and joint pain and makes me extremely tired at times. We are active at church, and I am quite involved, to encourage, with folk I have met in their cancer journey and other health issues since I have gone through it myself. Charlie is tired as would be all care givers. This is improving as we sleep better. We are trusting to be more involved as we are able.

We are RETIRED, BUT for folk who would like to continue to support us financially, gifts sent to our Headquarters, with a note that is it for Charlie and Cherrie Case, are still tax deductible. They are considered in “lieu of service” and are a help towards our lower income. You would have received our email regarding the name change of New Tribes Mission to ETHNOS360. Below is the new address for our Mission Headquarters.
The name may have changed, BUT the message is STILL THE SAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ETHNOS refers to the nations to which we are commanded to go and make disciples and to whom we are so blessed to introduce Christ, whom they will worship for eternity! 360 represent the entire globe – all 360 degrees!!! Our vision is the world and a thriving church for every people. Or as our founders said, “Until we have reached the last tribe (in other words, people groups) regardless of where that tribe may be.”

“Cherrie’s Musing” below is long as she wanted to share some of our testimony so this section is shorter than usual!
God Bless and Encourage you,
Charlie & Cherrie

Cherrie’s Musing

As Mother’s Day came around again — how THANKFUL we both are for our Mothers who will ALWAYS be in our hearts!!!!!!!!!!!! For some reason, though, I am thinking about Charlie’s Grandma Esther Case these days.

Some of you would know that Charlie’s Dad died in WWII before Charlie was born. His Mom remarried and his step-father was an alcoholic so the family got transferred with his job at times. They moved to my home town around 1961 and I met Charlie through High School and Church. My Dad had died when I was 14. We were both two lonely kids searching for something in our lives. I graduated in 1962 and Charlie in 1963. Charlie graduated on a Thursday night and we got married on Friday night!

Charlie’s Grandma Case lived about 30 miles away, BUT Charlie hardly saw her as he was growing up which was sad. I am sure it was hard on her, having lost her only son and hardly seeing his son only a handful of times over the years! We invited Grandma Case to our wedding and she gladly came! BUT before our wedding she invited us to spend our honeymoon with her on Little Diamond Island in Casco Bay in Portland Maine as she was caring for a cottage for an elderly gentleman each summer.

Well, we did that, taking a bus up to Portland and then the Ferry out to the Island. BUT when we arrived there were Grandma Case, two ladies, and six children waiting at the peer for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT we would do it all over againSmile There was something different about these people, BUT we did not know at the time that the difference was they knew Jesus Christ as their personal Savior!!! We have photos of Charlie reading to six children, and our time there was SPECIAL with everyone!

A year later, a friend of Charlie’s came to Biloxi Mississippi to visit us where we lived when Charlie was in the Air Force. We did not know why, but Jim brought his Bible and shared the GOOD NEWS that JESUS CHRIST had died to pay the penalty for our sins and by putting our faith, not in our good works or baptism or church attendance, but in God’s Son, Jesus Christ and HIS FINISHED WORK AT CALVARY we would become part of His family – that is what being born again means. Both of us put our faith in Jesus Christ as our Savior and our lives totally changed.

Well, about three years later, Grandma Case was in Florida taking care of the elderly gentleman who owned the cottage in Maine and we invited her to visit us for a month when we lived in Chattanooga Tennessee. While staying with us she gave us a clear testimony of Charlie’s father having put his faith in Jesus Christ as his Savior as a teenager! WOW!!! Charlie now knew he would one day be together in Heaven with his earthly father – AWESOME NEWS!!!!!!!!!! BUT that is not all!!!!!!! A few years later we heard from one of Charlie’s father’s cousins that whenever they visited Grandma Case, their Aunt Esther, when Charlie was a young child, she was ALWAYS PRAYING FOR CHARLIE. I then would tell folk “Grandma Case prayed for Charlie and I was the “ring in”, an Australian expression Smile
I Say all this, because I thank the Lord NOT JUST FOR MOTHERS, BUT ALSO FOR GRANDMOTHERS who pour out their hearts in prayer for their children and grandchildren!!!!!!!!!!!