Greetings Ministry Partners,

We wanted to write and let you know that over the weekend “New Tribes Mission” changed it’s name to “ETHNOS360” which would translate “All Nations”.  Basically in a nut shell the reason for the change is to better position ourselves for ministry in an ever changing world, and not using words in our name which would appear to be derogatory to those whom we have gone to minister.  For instance in Asia Pacific we had to drop the word “Tribes” from our name years ago as it inferred a people who weren’t even citizens of their country.  Thus for the word “tribes” we substituted the phrase “Citizens who live in the Interior region” –  (We can say all that in two words in the national language!!)  As we look at the broader picture we also find ourselves reaching language groups that are not isolated but still very much without the gospel.  Thus we found our name not really explaining who we are reaching.  So it was for reasons like this that it was felt necessary to make a name change.  Rest assured that our doctrine, our vision, our ministry values, and our personal ministry all remain the same.  

Two months ago the Mission Headquarters also moved to a new building just down the street from the old building which also makes for a small change in the address.  The mission will be sending out instructions on how to label letters and checks, but no worries as if you should forget, the old name & address will still work just fine for some time to come. For those who give via automatic bank transfer no changes will be needed.  

Below is a short explanation and some links describing the name change.  The picture below is the Kodiak airplane landing on our little Wana airstrip in the village of Padalempe where I just came from.  Thanks so much for being a part!!

Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever,

Ed n Jeanne Casteel

75 years and Name Change

We would like to share some exciting news with you, something that has been in the making for many years.

As we celebrate 75 years since NTM was founded, we’re excited at what God has done and continues to do in missions around the world. We’re also excited to share that our mission has a new name. We are now Ethnos360. Below our leaders explain the vision behind our new name.

“Why have we changed our name to Ethnos360 from New Tribes Mission USA? Because we’re positioning to reach a changing world. Our founders had a vision for reaching the world..”. CLICK HERE for more details

The World continues to change but our vision and mission remains the same. Jeanne and I continue in the ministry of equipping the Wana churches through Bible Translation, Bible Curriculum development, and discipleship in Asia Pacific. We value your partnership in this amazing ministry through praying, encouraging and giving. Visit the Ethnos360 website to learn more!