It has been quite awhile since I sent out an email update. I have preferred snail mail. So for those of you who have not received any news from me… get me your snail mail address!

The big news is that after 30 years, I no longer work for New Tribes Mission! Don’t panic – I’m still a missionary. I’m now working for Ethnos360. Who or what is that? Well, it’s the NEW New Tribes!

God raised up New Tribes Mission 75 years ago as a tool in His hands to reach people living in the remotest parts of the earth with His message of hope and salvation. Our founders desired to see a thriving body of believers in every people group.

That vision hasn’t changed, but the world has, as have the challenges to accomplishing the task. Our new name continues to reflect the vision, while enabling us to reach a changing world.

“Ethnos” comes from the Greek, meaning nations or ethnic groups. Jesus commanded His followers to “make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19).

360 represents the entirety of the globe, all 360 degrees! The mission’s goal is to go wherever necessary in the whole world to see a thriving church for every people group.

If you’d like to learn more, visit the new website online! You can view an introduction video at

On a personal note, I continue to work on Tarahumara materials, both in book and video format, from my home in Neenah, Wisconsin. It was a joy to travel to Mexico in March and get the first book of Bible Lessons printed! If spiritual warfare is any indication of how God will use this book to spread the Gospel, then this will be a MIGHTY TOOL in God’s hands! Pray for the missionaries and Tarahumara pastors and teachers who will use this book in their ministries. I hope to make another trip back to Chihuahua this fall, so maybe I’ll have some stories to share with you!

I have had many health issues since June 2016, but it seems that I am finally getting some answers, and hopefully some solutions. Please continue to pray for physical and mental strength to do the tasks God has for me.

Thank you for standing with me and supporting me through all the changes in my life and ministry. Please share with me what God has been doing in your life!

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