Dear Team Members,

Time sure does fly with so many doctor appointments, BUT here we are again thanking the Lord for each of you for your love and prayers!
It seems that a good portion of our emails consist of sharing our journey this past year and a half. It has been a journey we would not like to go through again, BUT looking back we would not want to miss all the Lord has done in our hearts and lives, and the way He has used our journey to encourage others. Even last Friday, we were blown away at God using our lives in the lives of two business men we individually had in depth conversations with us about our God and our Savior!!!!!!! Mark shared how his 65-year-old father has just been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and has to retire. Then Michael shared that he is soon getting married. In talking with both of them we found out their faith was also in Jesus Christ as their Savior. Both men kept asking questions about our lives. Mark said at church, missionaries share, but he had not ever talked with one personally like we were talking. Please be praying for Mark and Michael. We personally gave them both an invitation to contact us if they would like to talk more!

Then, there have been numerous folk that have cancer or other health issues, who are now part of our lives by prayer, and also for us to be there to listen and encourage them! We especially want to encourage folk through GOD’S Word that has been SUCH an ENCOURAGEMENT in our lives and now our cancer journey!

It is EVER so ENCOURAGING to see how the Lord is redirecting our day to day lives with more and more people He continues to bring along our pathway!

Our daughter Esther and her family have moved to Fort Oglethorpe Georgia from New York. Ricky is enjoying a better job. Their son, Majh, who will be three in May had the bronchoscopy before they moved to try and find out the reason a portion of his lung has not re-inflated after being seriously ill before Christmas. They found he still had infection in the lower part of his lung and he is now on a really strong antibiotic for three weeks. We trust that will totally clear up the problem!!! Thank you for your continued prayers! Their daughter Desi has settled well into her new school Smile

We are both sleeping a bit better and each week is better than the last one! Cherrie is healing well though still gets really tired at times. Her biggest problem is bone and muscle pain which we believe is a side effect of the cancer med she is now on for five years. She continues to have follow up appointments with various doctors. We have so appreciated your love and prayers and care for both us!

We know there are many of you who are unwell, or have friends that are unwell. Over our journey we have been made aware how much the spouse of the one unwell, or even their family need to be prayed for!! I know there are times Charlie is much more exhausted than I am and he is the one needing encouragement!!! May we all be sensitive to those the Lord brings into our lives. Maybe it is just to be quiet and listen to their journey, or to pray for them, or to phone them, or send that encouraging card, or fix a meal, just to be there for them in their time of need.
How we both thank the Lord for YOU being here for us! God Bless and Encourage each of you day by day Smile
With our Love and Prayers for you all,
Charlie & Cherrie

Cherrie’s Musings

We really love watching the Gaither Christian music program each week on TV. I LOVE A REMARK THAT WAS RECENTLTY MADE ON THE PROGRAM :