We need to let you know about our change of Plans

We recently sent you an email to say that Susan and I have become very concerned about the painful disease our daughter, Mikayla, is enduring and we decided that we needed to have Susan and Mikenna fly to the States to be with Mikayla as she started a treatment program for pain in Washington DC. Susan has now been with Mikayla for a little over three weeks and it has recently become clear to us that Mikayla needs us to be with her for a longer period of time to help her work through more doctor appointments and treatments, and to help her come up with a plan for her next few years.


Susan and I have been praying about what to do next, and have been talking with our mission leadership team and yesterday we arrived at the conclusion that it would be best for me also to fly to DC to be with my family for the next few months. We don’t actually know how long this stage is going to take, but we are convinced we need to be there for Mikayla in her time of need. We are now in the process of arranging flights that will take me from the jungle of PNG to the Capitol of the States.

As we have been praying about how best to help Mikayla without neglecting our ministry, I have decided to bring my work computer with me so I can continue making progress with Hewa translation. Today as I discussed this idea with the Hewa believers, they expressed a great deal of relief to hear that we will continue translating their New Testament and that we are not planning to leave them yet. It is very nice to see their concern for Mikayla and to hear their prayers on her behalf.

We are very thankful for how the Lord has generously provided through many wonderful people to raise the funds to pay for Mikayla’s current treatment- her goal has been reached, praise the Lord! Also we thank the Lord for a sweet family in DC that welcomed Mikayla into their home before Susan’s arrival. We want to say a huge thank you for your outpouring of love for Mikayla and for us as we are searching for how best to proceed. Please continue to pray for the Lord’s healing touch in Mikayla’s life, and for wisdom and clear direction so we can know how best to love on our daughter in her time of pain.

Thank you for your understanding as we make an unexpected turn in the road. Your love and prayers and kind words have been a refreshing touch that we have really needed.

Jonathan, Susan & Mikenna and Mikayla too