Matthew and I, Laurel, returned from Africa on January 20. We had two days of adjustment to the crazy-life-speed here, during which time I learned that our English teacher was in the hospital. I stepped right into teaching English four hours a day (8th – 11th grades) along with my other administrative duties at FCA. I USED to think I was busy….now I know that was an illusion!

 Here is a huge prayer request.

We need teachers at FCA for this coming school year. If you know of a teacher who has a heart for reaching the youth of today, please give them my contact information. We need high school English, Science, and Math teachers.

Matthew did not get appointed to the Air Force Academy. Current plans are to finish out the school year with graduation May 25, then head to NC where he will be a counselor at Camp Merriwood for the summer. Please be praying with us as he seeks God’s direction for the fall.

Jesse is a happy ray of sunshine for all of us. She will have a hard time saying goodbye to Matthew this summer. They have had a unique bond since she was born with Matthew taking on the role of her protector! She is doing well in school but looking forward to a summer where we are home. (As much as we loved seeing many of you last summer we are all happy to be home this year!)

If you know Paul, you remember that he prefers to be behind the scenes working support roles. Well, lately he hasn’t had that option. He is still Director of Maintenance but since our team is low on staff, Paul has taken on some additional responsibilities to assist Bryon, our Administrator. This is growing Paul, which is good, but we do need those key positions filled for the ministry to run smoothly. With a complete team, Paul will be able to focus on his own area of responsibility (maintenance) where his strongest talents lie. Right now he is a bit discouraged because one of his babies (a plane, not a human baby) is down for major repairs. This means we have a base with no airplane. That is not a good thing because ministry there come to a halt! In Laurel lingo… the engine needs all 6 ribs replaced (cylinders for you mechanical people). This is costly and time consuming, which weighs heavily on Paul because of course, it was NOT on his scheduled plans, nor is this in the UIMA budget!

Bethany started a new job, that is perfectly suited to her skills and in direct line with her focus on special education/autism! I can’t gointo details in a letter like this but know that God has specifically placed this child, and his family in Bethany’s life. She and Filipe continue to grow in their relationship (yes, please keep praying for that as well.)

Gabriel and Miriam are both working hard in school. We recently were told that they need braces. If you would like to help with this need, donations can be sent to UIM Int. with a note saying “for Timblin braces.”

Thank you for keeping our family in your prayers. As our kids get older and move out they too have come to understand what a blessing we have through our extended family across America… You guys!

Paul & Laurel Timblin

Serving with UIM Aviation, using the airplane to reach tribal groups in the mountains of Mexico