Dear family and friends

By now you will be wondering if we are still alive up here in PNG. Well we are alive and well and very busy having several projects on the go at once. David is working on digitalizing our old culture file. Back in 1992 all our culture entries were written by hand so they have to be scanned as images. As you can imagine it is a lot of work. Another project is finishing the translation of Romans. Last Thursday he worked with Heti on the start of chapter 13. It was good to get him involved again. Lately he has not been involved in helping but this time David caught him at a time when he had nothing else to do so he had no excuse! But he didn’t have to twist his arm, he was quite willing to helpSmile.

We have been going up to Koropa and staying overnight in the house that they built for us. David has been going up each Tuesday and returning Wednesday and Wendy goes up when she can. David has been checking the Bible lessons with our family up there. We are up to the story of Cain and Abel. On a sad note, the mother of our village family, Mehite, passed away recently. It grieves us that she never had the opportunity to hear the gospel. Her husband, Falu, died in 2010 and the picture shows them together. We are trusting the Lord that their family will soon have the opportunity to hear the gospel.

On the 5th of April we will fly to Madang to speak with a group of new missionaries who have recently arrived in PNG. We are praying that the Lord will guide some of these of His choice to join us in the Benabena work. Please pray with us that we will know the Lord’s presence and guidance as we spend time with them. We plan to return on Monday the 10th.

With love from
David and Wendy