Greetings from Steve and Sandy Aholt,

Thank you for your sending us emails, cards, your faithful prayers, and generous financial support. We are grateful for God’s faithfulness to us through each of you – and for your faithfulness in what the Lord has blessed you with.

We are still adjusting to life and ministry working here in Raytown, MO based here at our house. After working in Papua New Guinea for twenty years, it has been an adjustment for us to be doing a different type of ministry. Sandy is doing a successful job at turning this house into a home for us – the house that I, Steve, was born in.

Sandy sends her warm greetings to each of you. She has gone across town this morning to help her dad with some housekeeping. She spends some time each day going through things that date back to when my family moved into this house in June 1949. She has finally been able to set up a guest room here at our house, so if you are in, or passing through the area, we would be delighted to have you stop by for a visit. Friends are always welcome!

Many of you have asked about Sandy’s eyes and have been praying for her. Sandy had a recent appointment with the eye doctor and had a good report after her annual check-up. Her vision had changed so we were both wondering if her glaucoma was causing that change in her vision. I guess it is just the AGE disease!  I remember when the doctor told me that I would be able to see better if I got some real glasses. I was able to send my reading glasses to PNG for someone younger to use. Thank you also for your prayers for our health and strength. God is answering your prayers and is allowing us to accomplish things that we have a passion doing.

My passion is doing translation, but mostly editing work, for ABWE, from English to the Pidgin language of Papua New Guinea. I have completed the first two book, The Story of Hope and The Way to Joy. The newest assignment is to edit The Roots Of Faith material. I have found that occasionally the translators have skipped some pages, so this has caused a little more work. This is in-depth Bible study material that covers from Genesis through Revelation in 100 lessons. This type of work would be boring to some of you. However, my analytical mind really enjoys the challenge for exactness to complete quality material that will benefit the present generation of new believers, and for the many generations to come – if the Lord tarries in His return. He could return today! Are you ready and watching? This editing work also allows me to keep the Bible, and the history that goes along with it, fresh in my mind daily.

Sandy has a passion to assist me in whatever I am doing. She is what the Bible calls, “A good thing.” For this I am forever grateful that God has blessed me with a virtuous woman. Sandy also has a passion to help girls and women to find the missing ingredient in their lives – Jesus is the way – the truth – and the life. Many young ladies come from dysfunctional homes and the violence and abuse that often is a part of that lifestyle. Please pray!

We completed editing the book of Philippians, of an ongoing Pidgin Bible translation, and are awaiting further assignments from them. This is being sponsored by the churches of Papua New Guinea and Bibles International.

Please pray strength and healing for three of our Papua New Guinea families who are going through physical health trials. They are presently back in the USA:

  • Bill and Debbie Tobias – waiting for the doctor to release them; hoping to return within a month
  • Ezekiel and Meagan Magill – going Monday for tests; please pray for a proper diagnosis
  • Timothy and Leandra Hawes – Tim is suffering from chronic abdominal pain syndrome. They would like to return to PNG as the doctors are not finding any other cause for his GI problems.

Listening for the trump and praying,
Steve and Sandy Aholt