A year ago (January 2016) we were rejoicing on the marriage of one of our employees – young Rosie — to Rex, a Christian from the YembiYempi tribe. Over the past year many of you have continued to pray for this young couple. Now – some specific prayers will be muchly appreciated! Rosie is 38 weeks into her 1st pregnancy and on her clinic visit last Tuesday was told she is expecting twins! Because this was so unexpected and not discovered until so close to her due date, she was sent for an ultrasound – kind of a “last resort” effort here rather than a normal part of prenatal checks.


The scan confirmed twins — one placenta — one amniotic sack. At least that is what was written in her medical book. She was not told ANYTHING regarding the results of the scan and came to us for interpretation of the doctor’s medical jargon.

Of course I “googled” it on the pretense of finding out if the babies would both be the same sex. In reality I was “concerned” about the possible complications. Yep. They are there. If you believe everything you read on the internet, the mere fact that Rosie has carried the babies this far with no obvious hitches is a miracle. Delivery however could produce problems — cord entanglement, cord compression; cord prolapse on twin #2
in particular. Whether the scan showed any other info (size of babies, etc.) remains unknown. We have not elaborated to Rosie on the possible obstacles as she is still coming to grips with the idea of having two babies! That brings us to my request for you to PLEASE be praying specifically for Rosie and the babies thru this time. Pray for wisdom for the Doctor and medical staff involved too. Back in the USA (according to the “all savvy” internet) the babies would be more safely delivered via C-section. That is not likely to happen here — unless obstacles become obvious during delivery. It’s most heartening to know the babies and their precious Mama are safe in God’s all powerful and all-sufficient hands. Rosie and Rex are trusting God thru this surprise development. Knowing that many around the globe are praying specifically for them may be a further encouragement to them standing strong thru whatever lies ahead.

A few other things on this month’s agenda that would benefit by your effectual fervent prayers:

  • Our annual regional conference is just weeks away. Families have already started arriving for the fete!
  • Hard on the heels of conference will be “closing the books” in the finance office again.
  • Entangled with that endeavor will be Jedidiah Stuart’s 11th birthday – the cake is in the planning stages …. Still lots
  • more prep to think through to make the day special for him. (It would have been his Mama Toni’s birthday, too.)
  • And — before the month ends I’ll be taking the PNG skies for a Literacy workshop.

Those are the “knowns.” God may have other surprise involvements in store too!

Okay – short and sweet for this month but if you are interested I’ll try to send an update as things develop with Rosie. Thank you for standing together with us in the many opportunities God grants us to be your loving arms around His people here in PNG. You are greatly appreciated for your many various demonstrations of encouragement and support that keep us going!

Co-laboring with you to bring back Christ as King!

Hope Sharp